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Gene expression-based classifiers, known as molecular signatures (MS), are a set of genes coordinately expressed and an algorithm that use these data to predict disease subtypes, response to therapy, disease risk or clinical outcome (Andre et al. 2006). They are especially important in breast cancer (BC) where several MS are currently on the market like PAM50 (Perou et al. 2000 & 2010), Prosigna www.prosigna.com, Oncotype DX www.oncotypedx.com, MammaPrint www.agendia.com, etc. As far as the authors know, these classifiers do not give a real uncertainty of the classification at all. This package characterizes MS classification uncertainty. In order to achieve this goal, synthetic simulated subjects are obtained by permutations of gene labels. Then, each synthetic subject is tested against the classifier corresponding subtype to build the null distribution, thus, classification confidence measurement can be provided for each subject. In this context, subjects belonging to the null distribution (random or noisy individuals) are not assigned (NA) to any class. On the contrary, if reliable results are obtained, subjects could be either assigned (A) to the more reliably subtype or marked as ambiguous (AMB) if proximal to two or more reliable subtypes. In the later, the combinations of classes are given. At present, it is only implemented for genefu's PAM50 package (Haibe-Kains et al. 2014) but it can easily be extended to other MS. This package includes the following features:


Cristobal Fresno cfresno@bdmg.com.ar, German A. Gonzalez ggonzalez@bdmg.com.ar, Andrea S. Llera allera@leloir.org.ar and Elmer Andres Fernandez efernandez@bdmg.com.ar


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