PAM50Classify: 'classify' subjects with PAM50 molecular signature

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Obtain PAM50 subtype using genefu centroid Spearman's correlation implementation. If std=="median" probes with the same mapping are averaged. Then, the complete database is center normalized using gene median expression. This is done in order to assure selecting the same "gene" to those in "genefu" library, instead of the most variant probe (default in, when more than one probe match the same gene. This selection is based on probe population variance that could depends on the number of accounted genes.


## S4 method for signature 'PAM50'
classify(object, std = c("none", "scale", "robust",   
    "median")[1], verbose = getOption("verbose", default = FALSE))  



a MolecularPermutationClassifier subclass object.


character to select standardization alternative "none" (default), "scale" and "robust" as in genefu original implementation, plus the suggested "median" if many subjects are available.


should the user feedback be displayed? By default value is "verbose" global option parameter, if present, or FALSE otherwise.


a PAM50 object with the updated slots:


updated matrix with the used std parameter.


subject named factor with all classifier possible levels, i.e, "Basal", "Her2", "LumA", "LumB" and "Normal".


numeric matrix with subtype class probability for each subject, as in genefu, obtained as the positive proportion of correlation explained by each subtype.


numeric matrix with Spearman's rho correlation of each subject to the corresponding PAM50 subtypes.


Cristobal Fresno, German A. Gonzalez, Andrea S. Llera and Elmer Andres Fernandez


  1. Haibe-Kains B, Schroeder M, Bontempi G, Sotiriou C and Quackenbush J, 2014, genefu: Relevant Functions for Gene Expression Analysis, Especially in Breast Cancer. R package version 1.16.0,

  2. Perou CM, Sorlie T, Eisen MB, et al., 2000, Molecular portraits of human breast tumors. Nature 406:747-752.

  3. Perou CM, Parker JS, Prat A, Ellis MJ, Bernard PB., 2010, Clinical implementation of the intrinsic subtypes of breast cancer, The Lancet Oncology 11(8):718-719.

See Also

PAM50 for a complete example.

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##Using pam50centroids package example data

##Get the original PAM50 calls using genefu implementation 
pam50centroids<-classify(pam50centroids, std="none", verbose=TRUE)  

Example output

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No methods found in package 'BiocGenerics' for request: 'unlist' when loading 'pbcmc'
Enforcing filtrate(object)...
Keeping only annotated EntrezGene.ID genes
Keeping only PAM50 available genes.
Getting PAM50 subtypes...
50/50 probes are used for clustering
no standardization of the gene expressions
 Basal   Her2   LumA   LumB Normal 
 Basal   Her2   LumA   LumB Normal 
Levels: Basal Her2 LumA LumB Normal

            Basal      Her2      LumA      LumB    Normal
Basal  0.89431418 0.0000000 0.0000000 0.0000000 0.1056858
Her2   0.00000000 0.6822947 0.0000000 0.3177053 0.0000000
LumA   0.00000000 0.0000000 0.6823842 0.0000000 0.3176158
LumB   0.00000000 0.3177053 0.0000000 0.6822947 0.0000000
Normal 0.07462325 0.0000000 0.2939143 0.0000000 0.6314624

            Basal       Her2       LumA       LumB     Normal
Basal   1.0000000 -0.1461224 -0.6492677 -0.3604802  0.1181753
Her2   -0.1461224  1.0000000 -0.3813205  0.4656423 -0.6217047
LumA   -0.6492677 -0.3813205  1.0000000 -0.2027851  0.4654502
LumB   -0.3604802  0.4656423 -0.2027851  1.0000000 -0.7635534
Normal  0.1181753 -0.6217047  0.4654502 -0.7635534  1.0000000

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