pepStat: Statistical analysis of peptide microarrays

Statistical analysis of peptide microarrays

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AuthorRaphael Gottardo, Gregory C Imholte, Renan Sauteraud, Mike Jiang
Bioconductor views Microarray Preprocessing
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerGregory C Imholte <>

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baseline_correct Man page
baselineCorrect.pSet Man page
clade Man page
clade,GRanges-method Man page
clade-methods Man page
clade,peptideSet-method Man page
create_db Man page
end,peptideSet-method Man page
featureID Man page
featureID-method Man page
featureID,peptideSet-method Man page
makeCalls Man page
makePeptideSet Man page
normalizeArray Man page
NormalizeArray Man page
peptide Man page
peptide<- Man page
peptide-method Man page
peptide<-,peptideSet,character-method Man page
peptide,peptideSet-method Man page
peptideSet Man page
[,peptideSet,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
peptideSet-class Man page
peptideSet-methods Man page
pepZscore Man page
pepZscore<- Man page
pepZscore<-,GRanges,data.frame-method Man page
pepZscore,GRanges-method Man page
pepZscore-method Man page
pepZscore<-,peptideSet,data.frame-method Man page
pepZscore,peptideSet-method Man page
plotArrayImage Man page
plotArrayResiduals Man page
position Man page
position-method Man page
position,peptideSet-method Man page
ranges<-,peptideSet-method Man page
ranges,peptideSet-method Man page
restab Man page
shinyPepStat Man page
show,peptideSet-method Man page
slidingMean Man page
start,peptideSet-method Man page
subset,peptideSet-method Man page
summarizePeptides Man page
summary,peptideSet-method Man page
values,peptideSet-method Man page
width,peptideSet-method Man page

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