Man pages for perturbatr
Statistical Analysis of High-Throughput Genetic Perturbation Screens

bootstrapCreate a bootstrap sample from a data-set
dataSet-methodsGetter for a data set
diffuse-methodsNetwork diffusion
filter-methodsFilter the rows of a perturbation data set
geneEffects-methodsGetter for the complete list of genes and their effect sizes
graph-methodsGetter for graph used for network diffusion
HMAnalysedPerturbationData-classData wrapper for analysed perturbation data using a...
hm-methodsJointly analyse multiple genetic perturbation screens using a...
inference-methodsGetter for inference used for analysis of perturbation data
isBootstrapped-methodsGetter for boolean if boostrapping was used
modelFit-methodsGetter for model fit
nestedGeneEffects-methodsGetter for the completed list of nested gene effects
NetworkAnalysedPerturbationData-classData wrapper for analysed perturbation data using network...
params-methodsGetter for parameters used for analysis of perturbation data
PerturbationData-classData wrapper for a data set of a perturbation screen.
plot.NetworkAnalysedPerturbationDataPlot a 'NetworkAnalysedPerturbationData' object
plot.PerturbationDataPlot perturbation data
rbind.PerturbationDataBind multiple perturbation data sets together by row
rnaiscreenA sample pan-pathogenic perturbation dataset
setModelData-methodsCreate model data for an hierarchical model
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