Man pages for proteoQC
An R package for proteomics data quality control

addSummaryChartAdd PRIDE summary charts
calcMSQCMetricsCalculate the MS1 and MS2 level QC metrics
chargeStatCharge distribution
cntStatcontaminants stat
combineRunCombine multiple results
createTargetDecoyDBCreate target-decoy database
getEnzymeGet the enzymes list
getModsGet the modification list
labelRatioCalculate the labeling efficiency of isobaric labeling data
loadmsQCresLoad the result of 'msQCpipe'
msQCpipeThe main function of msQC pipeline
plotBioRepVennVenn plot in biological replicate level
plotFractionIDResultBarplot in different level for each fraction
plotMS1Errorplot MS1 mass error
plotMS2Errorplot MS2 mass error
plotMS2Error_obsoleteplot MS2 mass error
plotSampleIDResultErrorBarError barplot in different level for each fraction
plotSampleVennVenn plot in sample level
plotTechRepVennVenn plot in technical replicate level
print.msQCresPrint the information of msQCres object
proteinGroupProtein inference
reportHTMLHTML format report generator
runTandemRun X!Tandem
showEnzymeShown all enzymes
showModsShown all modifications
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