Man pages for qsea
IP-seq data analysis and vizualization

addCNVestimate CNV information and add to qseaSet object
addContrastfit GLMs to reduced model and test for significance
addCoverageImport sequencing data
addEnrichmentParametersEnrichment analysis
addLibraryFactorsEstimate effective library size
addNewSamplesExtends an exisiting qseaSet by new samples
addOffsetEstimate background reads
addPatternDensityInfer sequence pattern density values and add to qseaSet...
addSeqPrefAdd sequence preference to qseaSet object
createQseaSetPrepares a qseaSet Object
exampleSimulation of MeDIP seq QSEA set
fitNBglmFit GLM for each window
getPCAPrinciple Component Analysis (PCA) in QSea
isSignificantFinds Significant Regions
makeTableCreate a Results Table
normMethodDefinition of normalization procedure
plotCNVPlots a Heatmap-like Overview of the CNVs
plotCoveragePlots a genome-browser-like image of a region
plotEnrichmentProfilePlotting functions for enrichment profiles
plotPCAPlots for Principle Component Analysis (PCA) in QSEA
qseaGLM-classqseaGLM class and its methods
qsea-packageQSEA: Quantitative sequencing enrichment analysis and...
qseaPCA-classqseaPCA class and its methods
qseaSet-classqseaSet class and its methods
regionStatsCounts the Windows in Regions of Interest
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