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QSEA (quantitative sequencing enrichment analysis) was developed as the successor of the MEDIPS package for analyzing data derived from methylated DNA immunoprecipitation (MeDIP) experiments followed by sequencing (MeDIP-seq). However, qsea provides functionality for the analysis of other kinds of quantitative sequencing data (e.g. ChIP-seq, MBD-seq, CMS-seq and others) including calculation of differential enrichment between groups of samples.


Matthias Lienhard, Lukas Chavez and Ralf Herwig

Maintainer: Matthias Lienhard <lienhard@molgen.mpg.de>


Lienhard M, Grimm C, Morkel M, Herwig R, Chavez L., (Bioinformatics, 2014): MEDIPS: genome-wide differential coverage analysis of sequencing data derived from DNA enrichment experiments.

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