Man pages for qusage
qusage: Quantitative Set Analysis for Gene Expression

aggregateGeneSetCalculate Pathway Activation
calcBayesCICalculate pathway Confidence Intervals
calcVIFCalculate Variance Inflation Factor
combinePDFsCombine PDFs from multiple QuSAGE comparisons
eset.fullExample gene expression set
fluVaccineGene expression sets from Flu Vaccine trials
GeneSetsExample Gene Sets
getXcoordsGet the X coordinates for the points of the PDF
makeComparisonCompare Genes Between Two Groups
newQSarrayThe qusage Array Object
plotCIsPlot Pathway Mean and Confidence Intervals
plotCIsGenesPlot Gene Mean and Confidence Intervals
plotCombinedPDFPlot combined PDF for an individual pathway
plotDensityCurvesPlot gene set PDFs
plotGeneSetDistributionsPlot gene and gene set PDFs
pValCalculate p-values for gene set activity
qgenRun qusage while incoprating generalized least squares and...
QSarray-classClass '"QSarray"'
qsTableSummary of QSarray Results
qusageRun qusage on an expression dataset
read.gmtRead in gene set information from .gmt files
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