Man pages for rSFFreader
rSFFreader reads in sff files generated by Roche 454 and Life Sciences Ion Torrent sequencers

load454SampleDataLoad the example 454 dataset
loadIonSampleDataLoad the example Ion Torrent dataset
readsffRead SFF-formatted files into SffReads or SffReadsQ objects
readsffgeometryRead in basic statistics about an sff file
readsffheaderRead in sff header
rSFFreader-internalsrSFFreader internals
rSFFreader-packageBase classes and methods for high-throughput sequence data...
SffReads-classClass '"SffReads"'. A class for next generation reads stored...
SffReadsQ-classClass '"SffReadsQ"' for next generation reads stored in SFF...
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