Man pages for rfaRm
An R interface to the Rfam database

rfamConsensusSecondaryStructureRetrieve the secondary structure of an Rfam family
rfamCovarianceModelGet the covariance model associated to an Rfam family
rfamFamilyAccessionToIDConvert an Rfam family accession to an Rfam family ID
rfamFamilyIDToAccessionConvert an Rfam family ID to an Rfam family accession
rfamFamilySummaryGet a summary describing an Rfam family
rfamPDBMappingRetrieve PDB entries with the 3D structure of members of an...
rfamSecondaryStructurePlotGenerate a diagram of the secondary structure of an Rfam...
rfamSecondaryStructureXMLSVGGet an SVG file with a secondary structure representation of...
rfamSeedAlignmentRetrieve the seed alignment of an Rfam family
rfamSeedTreeGet the phylogenetic tree of the seed multiple alignment of...
rfamSeedTreeImageGet an image of the phylogenetic tree of the seed multiple...
rfamSequenceRegionsRetrieve all sequence regions belonging to an Rfam family
rfamSequenceSearchPerforms a sequence search of the Rfam database
rfamTextSearchFamilyAccessionSearch the Rfam database by a given keyword
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