roar: Identify differential APA usage from RNA-seq alignments

Identify preferential usage of APA sites, comparing two biological conditions, starting from known alternative sites and alignments obtained from standard RNA-seq experiments.

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AuthorElena Grassi
Bioconductor views HighThroughputSequencing RNAseq Sequencing Transcription
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerElena Grassi <>

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Man pages

checkStep-method: Private/inner/helper method to check the order of the invoked...

combineFisherMethod-method: Private/inner/helper method to combine pvalues of independent...

computePairedPvals-method: Computes pvalues (Fisher test) on the read counts in this...

computePvals-method: Computes pvalues (Fisher test) on the read counts in this...

computeRoars-method: Computes m/M and roar values

cores-method: Method to check how many cores are used by a roar analysis -...

countPrePost-method: Counts reads falling over PRE/POST portions of the given...

countResults-method: Returns a dataframe with results of the analysis for a...

fpkmResults-method: Returns a dataframe with results of the analysis for a...

getFisher-method: Private/inner/helper method to perform Fisher test

meanAcrossAssays-method: Private/inner/helper method to get average counts across...

pvalueCorrectFilter-method: Returns a dataframe with results of the analysis for a...

pvalueFilter-method: Returns a dataframe with results of the analysis for a...

RoarDataset-class: Class '"RoarDataset"'

RoarDataset-constructor: Creates a 'RoarDataset' object

RoarDatasetFromFiles-constructor: Creates a 'RoarDataset' object

RoarDatasetMultipleAPA-class: Class '"RoarDatasetMultipleAPA"'

RoarDatasetMultipleAPA-constructor: Creates a 'RoarDatasetMultipleAPA' object

RoarDatasetMultipleAPAFromFiles-constructor: Creates a 'RoarDatasetMultipleAPA' object

roar-package: Identify differential APA usage from RNA-seq alignments

standardFilter-method: Returns a dataframe with results of the analysis for a...

totalResults-method: Returns a dataframe with results of the analysis for a...


checkStep Man page
combineFisherMethod Man page
computePairedPvals Man page
computePairedPvals, RoarDataset Man page
computePairedPvals, RoarDatasetMultipleAPA Man page
computePairedPvals,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA,numeric,numeric-method Man page
computePairedPvals,RoarDataset,numeric,numeric-method Man page
computePvals Man page
computePvals, RoarDataset Man page
computePvals,RoarDataset-method Man page
computePvals, RoarDatasetMultipleAPA Man page
computePvals,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA-method Man page
computeRoars Man page
computeRoars,RoarDataset-method Man page
computeRoars,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA-method Man page
computeRoars, RoarDatasetMultipleAPA, numeric, numeric Man page
computeRoars, RoarDataset, numeric, numeric Man page
cores Man page
cores,RoarDataset-method Man page
cores,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA-method Man page
countPrePost Man page
countPrePost,RoarDataset,logical Man page
countPrePost,RoarDataset,logical-method Man page
countPrePost,RoarDataset-method Man page
countPrePost,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA Man page
countPrePost,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA,logical-method Man page
countPrePost,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA-method Man page
countResults Man page
countResults, RoarDataset Man page
countResults,RoarDataset-method Man page
countResults, RoarDatasetMultipleAPA Man page
countResults,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA-method Man page
fpkmResults Man page
fpkmResults, RoarDataset Man page
fpkmResults,RoarDataset-method Man page
fpkmResults, RoarDatasetMultipleAPA Man page
fpkmResults,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA-method Man page
getFisher Man page
meanAcrossAssays Man page
pvalueCorrectFilter Man page
pvalueCorrectFilter, RoarDataset Man page
pvalueCorrectFilter, RoarDatasetMultipleAPA Man page
pvalueCorrectFilter,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA,numeric,numeric,chara Man page
pvalueCorrectFilter,RoarDataset,numeric,numeric,character-method Man page
pvalueFilter Man page
pvalueFilter, RoarDataset Man page
pvalueFilter, RoarDatasetMultipleAPA Man page
pvalueFilter,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA,numeric,numeric-method Man page
pvalueFilter,RoarDataset,numeric,numeric-method Man page
roar Man page
RoarDataset Man page
RoarDataset-class Man page
RoarDatasetFromFiles Man page
RoarDatasetMultipleAPA Man page
RoarDatasetMultipleAPA-class Man page
RoarDatasetMultipleAPAFromFiles Man page
roar-package Man page
standardFilter Man page
standardFilter, RoarDataset Man page
standardFilter, RoarDatasetMultipleAPA Man page
standardFilter,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA,numeric-method Man page
standardFilter,RoarDataset,numeric-method Man page
totalResults Man page
totalResults, RoarDataset Man page
totalResults,RoarDataset-method Man page
totalResults, RoarDatasetMultipleAPA Man page
totalResults,RoarDatasetMultipleAPA-method Man page

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