Man pages for sbgr
R Client for Seven Bridges Genomics API

Auth-classClass Auth
billingReturns the list of all billing groups you have access to
billing_groups[v2] Get a single billing group
billing_invoicesList invoices
file_copyCopy specified file(s) to the specified project
file_deleteRemoves a file from a project
file_detailsReturns detailed information about a project's files
file_download_urlReturns a direct download URL for a project's file
file_listReturns the list of all project files for a project
file_meta_updateUpdate project's file metadata
Item-classClass Item
MetadataMetadata class
MetaSchema-classMeta schema
misc_get_auth_tokenOpens browser to copy the auth token
misc_get_uploaderDownload SBG uploader and extract to a specified directory
misc_make_metadataSpecify the parameters of the file metadata and return a...
misc_upload_cliUpload files using SBG uploader
pipeline_addAdd a pipeline to a specified project
pipeline_detailsReturns the details of a pipeline for a project
pipeline_list_myReturns the list of pipelines in user's "My Pipelines"...
pipeline_list_projectReturns a list of all the pipelines in project
pipeline_list_pubReturns the list of all public pipelines
project_deleteDelete a project
project_detailsReturns the details of the project
project_listReturns the list of all projects you have access to
project_member_addAdd a user to the project with appropriate permissions
project_member_deleteRemoves a member from a project
project_membersReturns a list of all users invited to the project and their...
project_member_updateSet permissions for a user to a project
project_newCreate new project
rate_limitRate Limit (V2)
sbgapiwrapper of http logic for SBG API
sbgr-packageR Client for Seven Bridges Genomics API
status_checkcheck request status
task_actionPerforms action on the task
Task-classTask class
task_detailsReturns information about the task
task_listReturns the list of all the tasks for a project
task_runRuns a task as a part of a project
upload_complete_allReports the complete file upload
upload_complete_partReports the completion of the part upload
upload_deleteAborts the upload
upload_infoReturns upload information for the ongoing upload
upload_info_partReturns AWS S3 signed URL for a part of the file upload
upload_initInitializes the upload of the specified file
user_listList user resources (V2)
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