Man pages for scTensor
Detection of cell-cell interaction from single-cell RNA-seq dataset by tensor decomposition

CCSParams-classClass "CCSParams"
cellCellDecompPerforming scTensor
cellCellRanksRank estimation of the CCI-tensor
cellCellReportHTML report of the result of scTensor
cellCellSettingParameter setting for scTensor
cellCellSimulateParameter Simulate for scTensor
convertToNCBIGeneIDID conversion function to create the input matrix for...
GermMaleThe matrix which is used as test data of scTensor.
getParamGet a parameter
labelGermMaleThe vector contains the celltype information and color scheme...
mThe gene-wise mean vector of Quartz-Seq data.
newCCSParamsNew Params
scTensor-packageDetection of cell-cell interaction from single-cell RNA-seq...
setParamSet a parameter
tsneGermMaleThe result of Rtsne against GermMale
vThe gene-wise variance vector of Quartz-Seq data.
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