Man pages for scoreInvHap
Get inversion status in predefined regions

adaptRefsAdapt references to imputed data
checkSNPsCheck genotype object
classifSNPsGet similarity scores and probability
computeScoreCompute all similarity scores for a sample
correctAlleleTableSolve genotypes discrepancies
getAlleleTableCompute the allele table
getGenotypesTableGet genotypes table
getInvStatusGet the inversion status of a sample
hetRefsHeterozygote genotypes in the references
infoSNP reference description
inversionGRInversions' description
prepareMapModify feature data from VCF
RefsGenotype frequency in references
scoreInvHapscoreInvHap: package to get inversion status of predefined...
scoreInvHapRes-classscoreInvHapRes instances
SNPsR2R2 between the SNPs and the inversion status
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