Man pages for sigPathway
Pathway Analysis

calcTNullFastCompute Null T Distribution for Each Gene
calcTStatFastCompute T-Statistics and Corresponding P-Values
calculate.GSEACalculate 2-sided statistics based on the GSEA algorithm
calculate.NGSkCalculate NGSk (NTk-like) statistics with gene label...
calculatePathwayStatisticsCalculate the NTk and NEk statistics
estimateNumPermCompute the Number of Unique Permutations for a Phenotype...
getPathwayStatisticsGive the statistics for the probe sets in a pathway
getPathwayStatistics.NGSkGive the statistics for the probe sets in a pathway
importGeneSetsImport gene sets stored in GMT, GMX, GRP, and XML file...
MuscleExampleSubset of Inflammatory Myopathy Dataset to Demonstrate...
rankPathwaysSummarizes Top Pathways from Pathway Analyses
rankPathways.NGSkSummarizes Top Pathways from One of the Pathway Analyses
runSigPathwayPerform pathway analysis
selectGeneSetsSelect gene sets to be analyzed in pathway analysis
writeSigPathwayWrite results of pathway analysis to HTML format
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