salmonellaInfection: RNAi screen of human cells during Salmonella infection

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The package contains an RNAi screen on human cells under Salmonella infection. Briefly, in HeLa cells all genes were knocked-down individually by RNA interference. Subsequently cells were infected with Salmonella. The cells were imaged with a microscope and from the images several features were extracted (for details see original paper (Misselwitz2011)). This dataset contains normalized infection ratios. These are computed as the logarithm of the fraction of infected cells per knock-down. Subsequently they are z-scored per plate. Duplicated genes were removed and also genes containing NA values.


a numeric matrix of 6860 genes (rows) with 3 siRNA values each (columns).


Misselwitz B. et al. (2011) RNAi screen of Salmonella invasion shows role of COPI in membrane targeting of cholesterol and Cdc42. Molecular Systems Biology.

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