Man pages for tigre
Transcription factor Inference through Gaussian process Reconstruction of Expression

drosophila_gpsim_fragmentFragment of 12 time point Drosophila embryonic development...
drosophila_mmgmos_fragmentFragment of 12 time point Drosophila embryonic development...
exportExport results to an SQLite database
ExpressionTimeSeries-classClass to contain time series expression assays
expTransformConstrains a parameter.
generateModelsGenerating models with the given data
GPLearnFit a GP model
GPModel-classA container for gpsim models
GPPlotPlot GP(DI)SIM models
GPRankTargetsRanking possible target genes or regulators
gpsimCreateCreate a GPSIM/GPDISIM model.
kernComputeCompute the kernel given the parameters and X.
kernCreateInitialise a kernel structure.
kernDiagGradXCompute the gradient of the kernel wrt X.
kernGradientCompute the gradient wrt the kernel parameters.
lnDiffErfsHelper function for computing the log of difference
modelDisplayDisplay a model.
modelExpandParamUpdate a model structure with new parameters or update the...
modelExtractParamExtract the parameters of a model.
modelGradientModel log-likelihood/objective error function and its...
modelTieParamTie parameters of a model together.
optimiDefaultConstraintReturns function for parameter constraint.
plotTimeseriesPlot ExpressionTimeSeries data
processDataProcessing expression time series
SCGoptimOptimise the given function using (scaled) conjugate...
scoreList-classClass "scoreList"
tigre-packagetigre - Transcription factor Inference through Gaussian...
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