tofsims: Import, process and analysis of Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) imaging data

This packages offers a pipeline for import, processing and analysis of ToF-SIMS 2D image data. Import of Iontof and Ulvac-Phi raw or preprocessed data is supported. For rawdata, mass calibration, peak picking and peak integration exist. General funcionality includes data binning, scaling, image subsetting and visualization. A range of multivariate tools common in the ToF-SIMS community are implemented (PCA, MCR, MAF, MNF). An interface to the bioconductor image processing package EBImage offers image segmentation functionality.

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AuthorLorenz Gerber, Viet Mai Hoang
Bioconductor views DataImport ImagingMassSpectrometry Infrastructure MassSpectrometry Metabolomics Proteomics
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerLorenz Gerber <>

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Man pages

addFixedWidth: Generic method to add/update peak width

addPeaks: generic method to add peaks

analysis: 'analysis', slot of 'MassSpectra' class objects

analysisName: 'analysisName', slot of 'MassSpectra' class objects

baseObject: generic accessor method baseObject

baseObject-PrComp-method: constructor for PrComp

baseObject-PrinComp-method: constructor for PrinComp

binning: binning

bwApply: bwApply

calibPointNew: Generic method calibPointNew that modifies slot calibPoints

calibPoints: 'calibPoints', slot of 'MassSpectra' class objects

calibration: 'calibration', slot of 'MassSpectra' class objects

changePeakWidth: method changePeakWidth

check.extension: Check file extension

computeMNF: compute MNF

computeNoise: computeNoise

coordToPixel: coordToPixel coordToPixel translates xy coordinates from the...

coordToPixel-MassImage-numeric-method: coordToPixel

covDiffCalc: covDiffCalc calculates a x/y shift covariance matrix of a...

cReadRawPhi: Ulvac phi ToF-SIMS raw data import

ctable: ctable is a C++ implementation to make contingency tables

dim-MassImage-method: method dim for MassImage

dim-MassSpectra-method: method definition 'dim' for 'MassSpectra' dim is a primitive

EigenDecompose: EigenDecompose for the MNF analysis extract variable names and values from Ulvac-phi ToF-SIMS...

findClosestMatch: Find single value 'toMatch' in vector 'MatchIn'

findPeakWidth: generic method findPeakWidth

getTOFs: generic method to calculate and get TOFs

image: set a generic method for image

imageMatrix: generic method to obtain imageMatrix

import: import is the C++ code for importing iontof raw data

import.raw: Raw data import

instrument: 'instrument', slot of 'MassSpectra' class objects

iters: generic accessor for iters slot

iters-MCR-method: MCR accessor iters,

itzipName: defining generic accessor method for "itzipName"

itzipName-set: generic for setter itzipName

LapackGenEigen: LapackGenEigen

legend.col: legend.col Get ITZIP property value

MAF: Class MAF

makeTIC: generic for makeTIC

makeTIC-MassSpectra-method: Method makeTIC for MassSpectra Class

manualSelectPeaks: This method is base method for plotting and manual select...

MassImage: Class MassImage

MassSpectra: Class 'MassSpectra'

MCR: Class MCR

MNF: Class MNF

mz: mz getter method

nComp: generic accessor method for slot nComp

ndim: generic accessor method for slot ndim

ndim-MassSpectra-method: method definition 'ndim' on 'MassSpectra'

nearestNeighbourMean: nearestNeighbourMean

nnMean: nnMean is C++ code for calculating nearest neighbour means in...

nnMNF: Class nnMNF

noPlottingData: generic method for 'noPlottingData' aka 'is.null'

noPlottingData-PCA-method: Check NULL PCA object

nPeaks: generic method for nPeaks

nz: 'nz', slot of 'MassSpectra' class objects

overlayPlot: generic overlayPlot

parIndicesSearch: helper function for parallel processing in rawdata import...

PCA-class: Class PCA

pcaLoadings: generic accessor for slot pcaLoadings

pcaMAF: helper function for MAF calculation

PCAnalysis: Class PCAnalysis

pcaScores: generic accessor for slot pcaScores

peakIDs: 'peakIDs', slot of 'PeakList' class objects

PeakList: Class PeakList

peakMzs: 'peakMzs', slot of 'PeakList' class objects

peakPick: generic method peak.pick

peaks2Spectra: generic method peaks2Spectra

peakWidths: Generic method peakWidths

plot: Generic method for plot

plot-MassImage-missing-method: Method 'plot()' for 'MassImage'

plot-PeakList-missing-method: Method 'plot()' for 'MassSpectra'

points: generic method points generic method points

poissonScaling: generic method for "poissonScaling"

PrComp: Class PrComp

PrinComp: Class PrinComp

readBIF: ToF-SIMS BIF/BIF6 file import

recalibrate: Generic method recalibrate

reduceSpectrumResolution: generic method reduceSpectrumResolution

removePeaks: generic method removePeaks

resids: generic accessor method for resids

resids-MCR-method: MCR accessor resids,

RSS: generic accessor for RSS

RSS-MCR-method: MCR accessor RSS,

scale: generic for scale

show-MassImage-method: method definition 'show' on 'MassImage' show has a generic by...

show-MassSpectra-method: method defining 'show()' for the 'MassSpectra' class show has...

show-PeakList-method: method defining 'show()' for the 'MassSpectra' class show has...

smootherGolay: generic method smootherGolay

smootherSpline: generic smootherSpline

smoothScatter: generic for smoothScatter

SNR: Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)

subset: Generic method for subset

tofsims-package: ToF-SIMS Toolbox (tofsims)

unitMassPeaks: Generic method for unitMassPeaks

validMassImageObject: Validation method functionf for class MassImage objects

validMassSpectraObject: Validation method function for class MassImage objects

validPCAObject: Validation method function for class PCA objects

validPeakListObject: Validation method function for class PeakList objects

xdim: generic accessor method for "xdim"

xdim-MassImage-method: Getter, method definition "xdim" on "MassImage"

xdim-PCA-method: method xdim() for PCA class object

xdim-set: generic setter method for "xdim"

xy: 'xy', slot of 'MassImage' class objects

xySpec: Generic method 'xySpec'

ydim: generic accessor method for "ydim"

ydim-MassImage-method: Getter, method definition "ydim" on "MassImage"

ydim-PCA-method: method ydim() for PCA class object

ydim-set: generic setter method for "ydim"

zdim: generic accessor method for "zdim"

zdim-MassSpectra-method: method definition 'zdim' on 'MassSpectra'


addFixedWidth Man page
addFixedWidth,PeakList,numeric,numeric-method Man page
addPeaks Man page
addPeaks,PeakList,missing,numeric-method Man page
addPeaks,PeakList,numeric,numeric-method Man page
analysis Man page
analysis<- Man page
analysis<-,MassSpectra-method Man page
analysis,MassSpectra,missing-method Man page
analysis,MassSpectra,numeric-method Man page
analysisName Man page
analysisName<- Man page
analysisName<-,MassSpectra-method Man page
analysisName,MassSpectra-method Man page
baseObject Man page
baseObject,PrComp-method Man page
baseObject,PrinComp-method Man page
binning Man page
binning,MassImage-method Man page
bwApply Man page
bwApply,MassSpectra,matrix-method Man page
calibPointNew Man page
calibPointNew,MassSpectra,numeric-method Man page
calibPoints Man page
calibPoints<- Man page
calibPoints<-,MassSpectra-method Man page
calibPoints,MassSpectra-method Man page
calibration Man page
calibration<- Man page
calibration<-,MassSpectra-method Man page
calibration,MassSpectra-method Man page
changePeakWidth Man page
changePeakWidth,PeakList,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
changePeakWidth,PeakList,numeric,numeric,numeric-method Man page
check.extension Man page
computeMNF Man page
computeNoise Man page
coordToPixel Man page
coordToPixel,MassImage,numeric-method Man page
covDiffCalc Man page
cReadRawPhi Man page
ctable Man page
cTable Man page
dim,MassImage-method Man page
dim,MassSpectra-method Man page
EigenDecompose Man page Man page
findClosestMatch Man page
findPeakWidth Man page
findPeakWidth,PeakList-method Man page
getTOFs Man page
getTOFs,MassSpectra-method Man page
image Man page
image,MassImage-method Man page
imageMatrix Man page
imageMatrix,MassImage-method Man page
imageMatrix,PCA-method Man page
image,PCA-method Man page
import Man page
import.raw Man page
instrument Man page
instrument<- Man page
instrument<-,MassSpectra-method Man page
instrument,MassSpectra-method Man page
iters Man page
iters,MCR-method Man page
itzipName Man page
itzipName<- Man page
LapackGenEigen Man page
legend.col Man page Man page
MAF Man page
makeTIC Man page
makeTIC,MassSpectra-method Man page
manualSelectPeaks Man page
MassImage Man page
MassSpectra Man page
MCR Man page
MCR-class Man page
MNF Man page
mz<-,MassSpectra-method Man page
mz,MassSpectra-method Man page
nComp Man page
nComp,PCA-method Man page
ndim Man page
ndim,MassSpectra-method Man page
nearestNeighbourMean Man page
nnMean Man page
nnMNF Man page
noPlottingData Man page
noPlottingData,PCA-method Man page
nPeaks Man page
nPeaks,PeakList-method Man page
nz Man page
nz<- Man page
nz<-,MassSpectra-method Man page
nz,MassSpectra,missing-method Man page
nz,MassSpectra,numeric-method Man page
opaMCR Man page
overlayPlot Man page
overlayPlot,list-method Man page
parIndicesSearch Man page
PCA Man page
PCA-class Man page
pcaLoadings Man page
pcaLoadings,PCA,missing-method Man page
pcaLoadings,PCA,numeric-method Man page
pcaMAF Man page
PCAnalysis Man page
pcaScores Man page
pcaScores,PCA,ANY-method Man page
pcaScores,PCA,numeric-method Man page
peakIDs Man page
peakIDs<- Man page
peakIDs<-,PeakList-method Man page
peakIDs,PeakList-method Man page
PeakList Man page
peakMzs Man page
peakMzs<- Man page
peakMzs<-,PeakList-method Man page
peakMzs,PeakList-method Man page
peakPick Man page
peakPick,MassSpectra-method Man page
peaks2Spectra Man page
peaks2Spectra,PeakList,MassSpectra-method Man page
peakWidths Man page
peakWidths,PeakList-method Man page
plot Man page
plot,MassImage,missing-method Man page
plot,MassSpectra,missing-method Man page
plot,PCA,ANY-method Man page
plot,PeakList,missing-method Man page
points Man page
points,MassSpectra-method Man page
poissonScaling Man page
poissonScaling,MassSpectra-method Man page
prComp Man page
PrComp Man page
PrComp-class Man page
prinComp Man page
PrinComp Man page
PrinComp-class Man page
readBIF Man page
recalibrate Man page
recalibrate,MassSpectra-method Man page
reduceSpectrumResolution Man page
reduceSpectrumResolution,MassSpectra-method Man page
removePeaks Man page
removePeaks,PeakList,missing,character,numeric,missing-method Man page
removePeaks,PeakList,missing,missing,missing,numeric-method Man page
removePeaks,PeakList,missing,missing,numeric,missing-method Man page
removePeaks,PeakList,numeric,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
resids Man page
resids,MCR-method Man page
RSS Man page
RSS,MCR-method Man page
scale Man page
scale,MassSpectra-method Man page
show,MassImage-method Man page
show,MassSpectra-method Man page
show,PeakList-method Man page
smootherGolay Man page
smootherGolay,MassSpectra-method Man page
smootherSpline Man page
smootherSpline,MassSpectra-method Man page
smoothScatter Man page
smoothScatter,PCA-method Man page
SNR Man page
subset Man page
subset,MassImage-method Man page
tofsims-package Man page
unitMassPeaks Man page
unitMassPeaks,MassSpectra,numeric,numeric-method Man page
validMassImageObject Man page
validMassSpectraObject Man page
validPCAObject Man page
validPeakListObject Man page
xdim Man page
xdim<- Man page
xdim,MassImage-method Man page
xdim,PCA-method Man page
xy Man page
xy<- Man page
xy<-,MassImage-method Man page
xy,MassImage-method Man page
xySpec Man page
xySpec,MassImage-method Man page
ydim Man page
ydim<- Man page
ydim,MassImage-method Man page
ydim,PCA-method Man page
zdim Man page
zdim,MassSpectra-method Man page


R/AllClassDefinition.R R/AllGenericDefinition.R R/AllGetters.R R/AllSetters.R R/MAF.R R/MCR.R R/MNF.R R/MassImage.R R/MassSpectra.R R/PCA.R R/PCAnalysis.R R/PeakList.R R/RcppExports.R R/importers.R R/prcomp.R R/princomp.R R/tofsims-package.R
man/EigenDecompose.Rd man/LapackGenEigen.Rd man/MAF.Rd man/MCR.Rd man/MNF.Rd man/MassImage.Rd man/MassSpectra.Rd man/PCA-class.Rd man/PCAnalysis.Rd man/PeakList.Rd man/PrComp.Rd man/PrinComp.Rd man/RSS-MCR-method.Rd man/RSS.Rd man/SNR.Rd man/addFixedWidth.Rd man/addPeaks.Rd man/analysis.Rd man/analysisName.Rd man/baseObject-PrComp-method.Rd man/baseObject-PrinComp-method.Rd man/baseObject.Rd man/binning.Rd man/bwApply.Rd man/cReadRawPhi.Rd man/calibPointNew.Rd man/calibPoints.Rd man/calibration.Rd man/changePeakWidth.Rd man/check.extension.Rd man/computeMNF.Rd man/computeNoise.Rd man/coordToPixel-MassImage-numeric-method.Rd man/coordToPixel.Rd man/covDiffCalc.Rd man/ctable.Rd man/dim-MassImage-method.Rd man/dim-MassSpectra-method.Rd man/ man/findClosestMatch.Rd man/findPeakWidth.Rd man/getTOFs.Rd man/image.Rd man/imageMatrix.Rd man/import.Rd man/import.raw.Rd man/instrument.Rd man/iters-MCR-method.Rd man/iters.Rd man/itzipName-set.Rd man/itzipName.Rd man/legend.col.Rd man/ man/makeTIC-MassSpectra-method.Rd man/makeTIC.Rd man/manualSelectPeaks.Rd man/mz.Rd man/nComp.Rd man/nPeaks.Rd man/ndim-MassSpectra-method.Rd man/ndim.Rd man/nearestNeighbourMean.Rd man/nnMNF.Rd man/nnMean.Rd man/noPlottingData-PCA-method.Rd man/noPlottingData.Rd man/nz.Rd man/overlayPlot.Rd man/parIndicesSearch.Rd man/pcaLoadings.Rd man/pcaMAF.Rd man/pcaScores.Rd man/peakIDs.Rd man/peakMzs.Rd man/peakPick.Rd man/peakWidths.Rd man/peaks2Spectra.Rd man/plot-MassImage-missing-method.Rd man/plot-PeakList-missing-method.Rd man/plot.Rd man/points.Rd man/poissonScaling.Rd man/readBIF.Rd man/recalibrate.Rd man/reduceSpectrumResolution.Rd man/removePeaks.Rd man/resids-MCR-method.Rd man/resids.Rd man/scale.Rd man/show-MassImage-method.Rd man/show-MassSpectra-method.Rd man/show-PeakList-method.Rd man/smoothScatter.Rd man/smootherGolay.Rd man/smootherSpline.Rd man/subset.Rd man/tofsims-package.Rd man/unitMassPeaks.Rd man/validMassImageObject.Rd man/validMassSpectraObject.Rd man/validPCAObject.Rd man/validPeakListObject.Rd man/xdim-MassImage-method.Rd man/xdim-PCA-method.Rd man/xdim-set.Rd man/xdim.Rd man/xy.Rd man/xySpec.Rd man/ydim-MassImage-method.Rd man/ydim-PCA-method.Rd man/ydim-set.Rd man/ydim.Rd man/zdim-MassSpectra-method.Rd man/zdim.Rd
tests/testthat.R tests/testthat/test_MassImage.R tests/testthat/test_MassSpectra.R tests/testthat/test_PCA.R tests/testthat/test_import.R

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