Man pages for trio
Testing of SNPs and SNP Interactions in Case-Parent Trio Studies

allelicTDTAllelic TDT
colEMlrtEM Likelihood Ratio Test
colGxEGenotypic TDT for Gene-Environment Interactions
colGxGPermsPermutation-Based gTDT for Two-Way Interactions
colPOlrtParent-of-Origin Tests
colTDTmaxTestMaximum Genotypic TDT
colTDTsamSAM and EBAM for Trio Data
findLDblocksIdentifying LD blocks
getLDComputation of LD Measures
getMatPseudoGenerates Case-Pseudo-Control Matrix
lrControlControl Parameters for Trio Logic Regression
ped2genoTransformation of Ped-File
plot.getLDPlotting a getLD or getLDlarge Object
plot.LDblocksPlotting a LDblock Object
plot.trioLRPlotting for trioLR Objects
poly4rootRoots of a Fourth Degree Polynomial
print.colGxEPrinting and Storing of colGxE objects
print.trioFSPrinting and plotting of a trioFS object
print.trioLRPrinting of trioLR Objects
probTDTTDT on genotype probabilities matrix
read.pedfileReading a Ped File
removeSNPsRemove SNPs or Trios
scoreTDTScore Tests for SNPs, GxE, and GxG Interactions
tdtGenotypic TDT
tdtGxGGenotypic TDT for Two-Way Interactions
trio.checkCheck Case-Parent Trio Data for Mendelian Errors
trio.dataCase-Parent Trio Data
trioFSTrio Feature Selection
trioLRTrio Logic Regression
trio.permTestPermutation Tests for Trio Logic Regression
trio.powerPower and sample size calculation
trio.prepareGenerate Trio Data Format Suitable for Trio Logic Regression
trio.simSimulate Case-Parent Trios
vcf2genoTransformation of VFC File
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