probTDT: TDT on genotype probabilities matrix

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Computes the genotypic TDT for a a matrix representing SNP genotype probabilities.


probTDT(mat.geno, model = c("additive", "dominant", "recessive"), 
   size = 50)



a numeric matrix with one row for each SNP and 9 * t columns representing genotype probabilities for t trios. Each of the t blocks (i.e. snp[1:9], snp[10:18], ...) must consist of sets of the three genotype probabilities for AA, AB and BB calls, of father, mother, and offspring (in this order), as would be output by BEAGLE, for example. The genotype probabilities must sum to 1 (up to slight imprecision) in each individual. Missing values are allowed and need to be coded by NA. Note that the order of the columns is not checked to be in terms of minor allele – any dominant or recessive tests are for allele B, as ordered in the mat.geno, not necessarily for the minor allele.


type of model that should be fitted. Abbreviations are allowed. Thus, e.g., model = "dom" will fit a dominant model, and model = "r" an recessive model. See description of mat.geno for a caveat about allele ordering.


the number of SNPs considered simultaneously when computing the parameter estimates. Ignored if fast = FALSE.


An object of class colTDT consisting of the following numeric values or vectors, respectively:


the estimated parameter,


the estimated standard deviation of the parameter estimate,


Wald statistic,


the relative risk, i.e.\ for trio data, exp(coef) (see Schaid, 1996),


the lower bound of the 95% confidence interval for RR,


the upper bound of the 95% confidence interval for RR,


the number of trios affecting the parameter estimation,


the sum across families of probabilities of Mendelian errors.


Margaret Taub,


Schaid, D.J. (1996). General Score Tests for Associations of Genetic Markers with Disease Using Cases and Their Parents. Genetic Epidemiology, 13, 423-449.

Schwender, H., Taub, M.A., Beaty, T.H., Marazita, M.L., and Ruczinski, I. (2011). Rapid Testing of SNPs and Gene-Environment Interactions in Case-Parent Trio Data Based on Exact Analytic Parameter Estimation. Biometrics, 68, 766-773.

Taub M.A., Schwender H., Beatty T.H., Louis T.A., Ruczinski I. (2012). Incorporating genotype uncertainties into the genotypic TDT for main effects and gene-environment interactions. Genetic Epidemiology, 36, 225-234.

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# Load the simulated data.

# All SNPs in prob.mat.test can be tested by
prob.tdt.out <- probTDT(prob.mat.test)

# By default, an additive mode of inheritance is considered.
# If another mode, e.g., the dominant mode, should be 
# considered, then this can be done by
prob.tdt.out2 <- probTDT(prob.mat.test, model = "dominant")

# By default, statistics for the top 5 SNPs are displayed.
# If another number of SNPs, say 10, should be displayed,
# then this can be done by
print(prob.tdt.out2, top = 10)

# The statistics for all SNPs (not ordered by their 
# significance) can be obtained by
print(prob.tdt.out2, top = 0)

Example output

        Genotypic TDT Based on 3 Pseudo Controls 

Model Type: Dominant

Top 10 SNPs:
         Coef     RR   Lower   Upper     SE Statistic p-Value  Trios
SNP119 -1.857 0.1561 0.03043  0.8010 0.8343     4.954 0.02602  8.000
SNP141 -2.427 0.0883 0.01002  0.7779 1.1102     4.779 0.02880  6.000
SNP289 -1.552 0.2117 0.04238  1.0578 0.8207     3.578 0.05855  9.000
SNP292 -1.552 0.2117 0.04238  1.0578 0.8207     3.578 0.05855  9.000
SNP303  1.964 7.1252 0.91185 55.6764 1.0490     3.504 0.06121  9.035
SNP140  1.401 4.0603 0.91142 18.0884 0.7623     3.379 0.06602 13.066
SNP262  1.920 6.8220 0.85543 54.4042 1.0594     3.285 0.06990 11.000
SNP120  1.405 4.0756 0.87941 18.8882 0.7824     3.225 0.07254 12.000
SNP135  1.328 3.7749 0.81041 17.5831 0.7850     2.863 0.09061 12.000
SNP131  1.328 3.7727 0.80994 17.5729 0.7850     2.861 0.09075 12.000
       P(Mendel Error)
SNP119         0.00000
SNP141         0.00000
SNP289         0.00000
SNP292         0.00000
SNP303         0.05761
SNP140         0.11782
SNP262         0.00000
SNP120         0.00000
SNP135         0.00000
SNP131         0.00574
        Genotypic TDT Based on 3 Pseudo Controls 

Model Type: Dominant

             Coef        RR      Lower      Upper        SE Statistic p-Value
SNP1    3.726e+00 4.152e+01  1.328e-23  1.298e+26 2.878e+01 1.677e-02 0.89697
SNP2    9.412e-01 2.563e+00  3.588e-01  1.831e+01 1.003e+00 8.802e-01 0.34816
SNP3    2.994e-01 1.349e+00  3.902e-01  4.664e+00 6.329e-01 2.238e-01 0.63615
SNP4   -7.555e-02 9.272e-01  2.578e-01  3.335e+00 6.530e-01 1.339e-02 0.90789
SNP5   -1.130e-01 8.931e-01  2.408e-01  3.313e+00 6.688e-01 2.855e-02 0.86583
SNP6    1.959e-01 1.216e+00  4.183e-01  3.537e+00 5.446e-01 1.293e-01 0.71914
SNP7    1.160e+00 3.189e+00  6.787e-01  1.499e+01 7.895e-01 2.158e+00 0.14182
SNP8   -6.345e-01 5.302e-01  1.450e-01  1.939e+00 6.615e-01 9.200e-01 0.33747
SNP9    7.065e+00 1.170e+03  0.000e+00        Inf 5.370e+02 1.731e-04 0.98950
SNP10   7.106e+00 1.219e+03  0.000e+00        Inf 5.507e+02 1.665e-04 0.98970
SNP11   1.050e+01 3.632e+04  0.000e+00        Inf 1.471e+04 5.093e-07 0.99943
SNP12         NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP13   7.931e-01 2.210e+00  4.219e-01  1.158e+01 8.450e-01 8.811e-01 0.34789
SNP14  -4.956e-01 6.092e-01  1.749e-01  2.121e+00 6.366e-01 6.062e-01 0.43623
SNP15  -1.242e+00 2.889e-01  6.694e-02  1.247e+00 7.461e-01 2.769e+00 0.09608
SNP16   3.767e-01 1.457e+00  2.557e-01  8.306e+00 8.879e-01 1.800e-01 0.67141
SNP17  -5.939e+00 2.636e-03  2.463e-59  2.820e+53 6.582e+01 8.140e-03 0.92811
SNP18  -6.325e-01 5.313e-01  3.055e-02  9.238e+00 1.457e+00 1.884e-01 0.66424
SNP19   1.217e+00 3.377e+00  3.712e-01  3.072e+01 1.127e+00 1.167e+00 0.28005
SNP20   1.165e+00 3.207e+00  3.615e-01  2.845e+01 1.114e+00 1.095e+00 0.29535
SNP21  -9.978e-01 3.687e-01  1.073e-01  1.267e+00 6.300e-01 2.508e+00 0.11326
SNP22  -1.587e+00 2.045e-01  9.493e-03  4.405e+00 1.566e+00 1.027e+00 0.31088
SNP23   1.171e+00 3.225e+00  3.622e-01  2.871e+01 1.115e+00 1.102e+00 0.29392
SNP24  -4.302e+00 1.354e-02  1.026e-13  1.788e+09 1.306e+01 1.084e-01 0.74195
SNP25   1.249e+00 3.488e+00  4.803e-01  2.534e+01 1.012e+00 1.525e+00 0.21682
SNP26  -7.764e-01 4.601e-01  9.742e-02  2.173e+00 7.920e-01 9.609e-01 0.32696
SNP27   1.637e-01 1.178e+00  2.550e-01  5.441e+00 7.808e-01 4.395e-02 0.83395
SNP28  -9.711e-01 3.787e-01  2.133e-02  6.724e+00 1.468e+00 4.377e-01 0.50822
SNP29  -5.152e+00 5.788e-03  4.037e-37  8.298e+31 4.013e+01 1.648e-02 0.89784
SNP30   3.950e-01 1.484e+00  3.994e-01  5.517e+00 6.699e-01 3.477e-01 0.55540
SNP31  -1.278e+00 2.786e-01  5.151e-02  1.507e+00 8.613e-01 2.202e+00 0.13785
SNP32  -1.278e+00 2.786e-01  5.151e-02  1.507e+00 8.613e-01 2.202e+00 0.13785
SNP33  -1.128e+00 3.237e-01  1.979e-02  5.294e+00 1.426e+00 6.258e-01 0.42889
SNP34  -9.607e+00 6.726e-05  0.000e+00        Inf 2.776e+03 1.198e-05 0.99724
SNP35  -6.743e+00 1.179e-03  5.149e-18  2.699e+11 1.687e+01 1.598e-01 0.68936
SNP36  -9.344e-02 9.108e-01  2.794e-01  2.968e+00 6.028e-01 2.403e-02 0.87681
SNP37  -9.160e-02 9.125e-01  2.798e-01  2.976e+00 6.032e-01 2.306e-02 0.87930
SNP38  -1.976e-01 8.207e-01  2.408e-01  2.797e+00 6.257e-01 9.973e-02 0.75215
SNP39  -9.259e-02 9.116e-01  2.781e-01  2.988e+00 6.056e-01 2.337e-02 0.87850
SNP40         NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP41         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP42  -9.375e+00 8.479e-05  0.000e+00        Inf 7.161e+03 1.714e-06 0.99896
SNP43  -8.761e+00 1.568e-04  0.000e+00        Inf 2.860e+03 9.386e-06 0.99756
SNP44         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP45  -3.007e-01 7.403e-01  2.163e-01  2.534e+00 6.278e-01 2.294e-01 0.63199
SNP46   3.491e-04 1.000e+00  1.737e-01  5.761e+00 8.932e-01 1.528e-07 0.99969
SNP47  -3.224e-01 7.244e-01  1.793e-01  2.927e+00 7.124e-01 2.048e-01 0.65087
SNP48   6.931e-01 2.000e+00  5.320e-01  7.519e+00 6.757e-01 1.052e+00 0.30495
SNP49   0.000e+00 1.000e+00  2.607e-01  3.836e+00 6.860e-01 0.000e+00 1.00000
SNP50   3.275e-01 1.387e+00  1.360e-01  1.416e+01 1.185e+00 7.634e-02 0.78232
SNP51   6.022e-01 1.826e+00  5.514e-01  6.048e+00 6.110e-01 9.714e-01 0.32432
SNP52  -7.913e-01 4.532e-01  1.295e-01  1.586e+00 6.392e-01 1.533e+00 0.21573
SNP53         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP54         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP55        -Inf 0.000e+00  0.000e+00        NaN       Inf       NaN      NA
SNP56         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP57   9.718e+00 1.661e+04  1.966e-81  1.404e+89 9.977e+01 9.487e-03 0.92241
SNP58         NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP59  -8.167e-01 4.419e-01  1.271e-01  1.536e+00 6.358e-01 1.650e+00 0.19890
SNP60         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP61  -8.931e-01 4.094e-01  1.200e-01  1.397e+00 6.262e-01 2.034e+00 0.15378
SNP62         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP63         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP64  -9.785e+00 5.628e-05  4.628e-60  6.843e+50 6.471e+01 2.286e-02 0.87981
SNP65         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP66   6.931e-01 2.000e+00  5.320e-01  7.519e+00 6.757e-01 1.052e+00 0.30495
SNP67   1.301e+01 4.468e+05  0.000e+00        Inf 5.963e+02 4.760e-04 0.98259
SNP68  -1.475e+00 2.287e-01  1.952e-02  2.680e+00 1.256e+00 1.380e+00 0.24006
SNP69  -2.116e-01 8.093e-01  2.095e-01  3.126e+00 6.895e-01 9.417e-02 0.75894
SNP70   4.632e-02 1.047e+00  3.112e-01  3.525e+00 6.191e-01 5.596e-03 0.94037
SNP71   4.485e-01 1.566e+00  4.265e-01  5.750e+00 6.636e-01 4.569e-01 0.49909
SNP72   6.931e-01 2.000e+00  1.814e-01  2.206e+01 1.225e+00 3.203e-01 0.57143
SNP73   9.100e+00 8.957e+03  0.000e+00        Inf 3.226e+03 7.956e-06 0.99775
SNP74  -4.603e+00 1.002e-02  1.440e-35  6.968e+30 3.858e+01 1.423e-02 0.90503
SNP75         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP76  -2.877e-01 7.500e-01  1.679e-01  3.351e+00 7.638e-01 1.419e-01 0.70642
SNP77  -5.724e-01 5.641e-01  1.181e-01  2.694e+00 7.977e-01 5.150e-01 0.47298
SNP78  -1.459e+00 2.325e-01  2.003e-02  2.699e+00 1.251e+00 1.360e+00 0.24354
SNP79  -2.817e-03 9.972e-01  2.855e-01  3.483e+00 6.382e-01 1.948e-05 0.99648
SNP80   2.522e+00 1.245e+01  4.487e-08  3.457e+09 9.919e+00 6.465e-02 0.79930
SNP81         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP82  -1.378e+00 2.520e-01  3.098e-02  2.051e+00 1.070e+00 1.660e+00 0.19755
SNP83   7.457e+00 1.733e+03  0.000e+00        Inf 8.988e+02 6.884e-05 0.99338
SNP84         Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP85         NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP86  -1.376e+00 2.525e-01  3.073e-02  2.075e+00 1.075e+00 1.640e+00 0.20032
SNP87  -4.424e-01 6.425e-01  1.498e-01  2.755e+00 7.428e-01 3.548e-01 0.55143
SNP88  -7.406e-01 4.768e-01  9.130e-02  2.490e+00 8.434e-01 7.711e-01 0.37988
SNP89  -2.645e-01 7.676e-01  1.849e-01  3.186e+00 7.262e-01 1.327e-01 0.71569
SNP90  -3.007e-01 7.403e-01  2.163e-01  2.534e+00 6.278e-01 2.294e-01 0.63199
SNP91   3.878e-01 1.474e+00  4.842e-01  4.486e+00 5.679e-01 4.663e-01 0.49467
SNP92   6.199e-01 1.859e+00  5.552e-01  6.223e+00 6.165e-01 1.011e+00 0.31470
SNP93   3.907e-01 1.478e+00  4.243e-01  5.148e+00 6.367e-01 3.765e-01 0.53948
SNP94         NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP95         NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP96  -7.406e-01 4.768e-01  1.482e-01  1.535e+00 5.964e-01 1.542e+00 0.21430
SNP97   3.897e-01 1.477e+00  4.240e-01  5.142e+00 6.366e-01 3.748e-01 0.54042
SNP98   3.257e-01 1.385e+00  4.460e-01  4.302e+00 5.782e-01 3.174e-01 0.57319
SNP99   3.515e-01 1.421e+00  4.087e-01  4.943e+00 6.359e-01 3.055e-01 0.58043
SNP100  2.035e-01 1.226e+00  3.939e-01  3.814e+00 5.792e-01 1.235e-01 0.72529
SNP101        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP102  5.945e+00 3.818e+02  2.386e-18  6.108e+22 2.374e+01 6.273e-02 0.80224
SNP103 -1.099e+00 3.333e-01  4.695e-02  2.366e+00 1.000e+00 1.207e+00 0.27194
SNP104 -8.341e-01 4.343e-01  5.802e-02  3.250e+00 1.027e+00 6.597e-01 0.41668
SNP105 -2.073e+00 1.258e-01  5.488e-03  2.886e+00 1.598e+00 1.682e+00 0.19469
SNP106 -1.662e+00 1.899e-01  2.047e-02  1.761e+00 1.136e+00 2.138e+00 0.14372
SNP107 -4.055e-01 6.667e-01  6.045e-02  7.352e+00 1.225e+00 1.096e-01 0.74060
SNP108  1.037e-01 1.109e+00  3.117e-01  3.947e+00 6.476e-01 2.562e-02 0.87283
SNP109  0.000e+00 1.000e+00  1.576e-01  6.346e+00 9.428e-01 0.000e+00 1.00000
SNP110        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP111  4.800e-01 1.616e+00  4.679e-01  5.582e+00 6.324e-01 5.760e-01 0.44788
SNP112  4.801e-01 1.616e+00  4.679e-01  5.582e+00 6.324e-01 5.762e-01 0.44780
SNP113  7.623e-02 1.079e+00  3.419e-01  3.406e+00 5.864e-01 1.690e-02 0.89657
SNP114  7.964e-01 2.218e+00  5.844e-01  8.414e+00 6.804e-01 1.370e+00 0.24179
SNP115  4.540e-01 1.575e+00  4.624e-01  5.362e+00 6.252e-01 5.274e-01 0.46770
SNP116 -6.931e-01 5.000e-01  1.191e-01  2.099e+00 7.319e-01 8.968e-01 0.34363
SNP117  4.318e+00 7.506e+01 2.330e-105 2.418e+108 1.251e+02 1.191e-03 0.97247
SNP118        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP119 -1.857e+00 1.561e-01  3.043e-02  8.010e-01 8.343e-01 4.954e+00 0.02602
SNP120  1.405e+00 4.076e+00  8.794e-01  1.889e+01 7.824e-01 3.225e+00 0.07254
SNP121  3.767e-01 1.457e+00  1.244e-01  1.708e+01 1.256e+00 8.998e-02 0.76421
SNP122        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP123  3.767e-01 1.457e+00  1.244e-01  1.708e+01 1.256e+00 8.999e-02 0.76419
SNP124  0.000e+00 1.000e+00  1.040e-01  9.614e+00 1.155e+00 0.000e+00 1.00000
SNP125        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP126  9.062e-01 2.475e+00  2.889e-01  2.120e+01 1.096e+00 6.837e-01 0.40831
SNP127  1.422e-02 1.014e+00  1.051e-01  9.786e+00 1.157e+00 1.513e-04 0.99019
SNP128  4.774e-01 1.612e+00  4.672e-01  5.561e+00 6.319e-01 5.709e-01 0.44991
SNP129  3.767e-01 1.457e+00  1.244e-01  1.708e+01 1.256e+00 8.998e-02 0.76421
SNP130 -4.042e-04 9.996e-01  1.039e-01  9.615e+00 1.155e+00 1.225e-07 0.99972
SNP131  1.328e+00 3.773e+00  8.099e-01  1.757e+01 7.850e-01 2.861e+00 0.09075
SNP132  1.599e+00 4.949e+00  2.151e-13  1.139e+14 1.570e+01 1.038e-02 0.91886
SNP133        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP134  4.774e-01 1.612e+00  4.672e-01  5.561e+00 6.319e-01 5.709e-01 0.44991
SNP135  1.328e+00 3.775e+00  8.104e-01  1.758e+01 7.850e-01 2.863e+00 0.09061
SNP136  2.213e-02 1.022e+00  1.065e-01  9.813e+00 1.154e+00 3.678e-04 0.98470
SNP137        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP138        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP139  2.593e-01 1.296e+00  4.072e-01  4.125e+00 5.907e-01 1.928e-01 0.66064
SNP140  1.401e+00 4.060e+00  9.114e-01  1.809e+01 7.623e-01 3.379e+00 0.06602
SNP141 -2.427e+00 8.830e-02  1.002e-02  7.779e-01 1.110e+00 4.779e+00 0.02880
SNP142  0.000e+00 1.000e+00  1.040e-01  9.614e+00 1.155e+00 0.000e+00 1.00000
SNP143  9.681e-01 2.633e+00  5.580e-01  1.242e+01 7.916e-01 1.496e+00 0.22132
SNP144        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP145 -1.110e-16 1.000e+00  3.148e-01  3.177e+00 5.898e-01 3.544e-32 1.00000
SNP146  1.039e+00 2.826e+00  3.388e-01  2.357e+01 1.082e+00 9.212e-01 0.33715
SNP147 -1.024e-01 9.026e-01  2.575e-01  3.165e+00 6.400e-01 2.562e-02 0.87283
SNP148 -3.139e+00 4.334e-02  9.580e-07  1.961e+03 5.469e+00 3.293e-01 0.56607
SNP149 -5.237e-01 5.923e-01  3.388e-02  1.036e+01 1.460e+00 1.287e-01 0.71979
SNP150        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP151 -4.055e-01 6.667e-01  1.946e-01  2.284e+00 6.283e-01 4.165e-01 0.51870
SNP152 -5.493e-01 5.774e-01  3.251e-02  1.025e+01 1.468e+00 1.400e-01 0.70824
SNP153 -1.066e-01 8.989e-01  2.522e-01  3.204e+00 6.484e-01 2.701e-02 0.86947
SNP154        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP155 -2.095e-01 8.110e-01  2.283e-01  2.881e+00 6.467e-01 1.049e-01 0.74600
SNP156 -2.095e-01 8.110e-01  2.283e-01  2.881e+00 6.467e-01 1.049e-01 0.74600
SNP157        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP158        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP159        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP160        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP161  0.000e+00 1.000e+00  8.381e-02  1.193e+01 1.265e+00 0.000e+00 1.00000
SNP162 -3.703e-01 6.905e-01  1.075e-01  4.434e+00 9.488e-01 1.523e-01 0.69631
SNP163 -2.767e-01 7.583e-01  2.173e-01  2.646e+00 6.377e-01 1.883e-01 0.66434
SNP164  5.180e+00 1.777e+02  1.162e-09  2.716e+13 1.314e+01 1.554e-01 0.69342
SNP165 -9.946e-01 3.699e-01  7.304e-02  1.873e+00 8.276e-01 1.444e+00 0.22945
SNP166 -6.387e-01 5.280e-01  1.151e-01  2.421e+00 7.771e-01 6.756e-01 0.41111
SNP167        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP168  1.949e-01 1.215e+00  3.518e-01  4.198e+00 6.325e-01 9.498e-02 0.75794
SNP169 -6.529e-01 5.205e-01  1.133e-01  2.390e+00 7.778e-01 7.047e-01 0.40120
SNP170  1.949e-01 1.215e+00  3.517e-01  4.198e+00 6.325e-01 9.494e-02 0.75798
SNP171 -7.183e-01 4.876e-01  1.450e-01  1.640e+00 6.188e-01 1.347e+00 0.24574
SNP172        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP173  1.950e-01 1.215e+00  3.518e-01  4.198e+00 6.325e-01 9.499e-02 0.75793
SNP174  1.916e-01 1.211e+00  3.508e-01  4.182e+00 6.323e-01 9.181e-02 0.76189
SNP175  1.949e-01 1.215e+00  3.517e-01  4.198e+00 6.325e-01 9.492e-02 0.75801
SNP176  6.685e-01 1.951e+00  4.080e-01  9.332e+00 7.985e-01 7.011e-01 0.40242
SNP177  1.949e-01 1.215e+00  3.518e-01  4.198e+00 6.325e-01 9.499e-02 0.75793
SNP178        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP179 -6.527e-01 5.206e-01  1.134e-01  2.391e+00 7.778e-01 7.043e-01 0.40134
SNP180  0.000e+00 1.000e+00  8.381e-02  1.193e+01 1.265e+00 0.000e+00 1.00000
SNP181  1.755e-01 1.192e+00  3.473e-01  4.090e+00 6.291e-01 7.785e-02 0.78023
SNP182  1.681e+00 5.372e+00  6.401e-01  4.509e+01 1.085e+00 2.399e+00 0.12139
SNP183  6.626e-01 1.940e+00  4.070e-01  9.247e+00 7.968e-01 6.916e-01 0.40562
SNP184 -5.682e-01 5.665e-01  1.063e-01  3.020e+00 8.538e-01 4.429e-01 0.50574
SNP185  4.733e-03 1.005e+00  8.418e-02  1.199e+01 1.265e+00 1.400e-05 0.99701
SNP186  2.870e-01 1.332e+00  1.492e-01  1.190e+01 1.117e+00 6.599e-02 0.79727
SNP187  7.995e-01 2.224e+00  4.640e-01  1.066e+01 7.997e-01 9.995e-01 0.31743
SNP188  1.067e+00 2.907e+00  6.168e-01  1.370e+01 7.910e-01 1.820e+00 0.17734
SNP189  8.335e+00 4.166e+03  3.337e-92  5.202e+98 1.117e+02 5.566e-03 0.94053
SNP190  3.427e-01 1.409e+00  3.589e-01  5.530e+00 6.977e-01 2.413e-01 0.62329
SNP191  7.172e+00 1.303e+03  0.000e+00        Inf 2.946e+03 5.926e-06 0.99806
SNP192  6.981e-01 2.010e+00  2.421e-01  1.668e+01 1.080e+00 4.180e-01 0.51795
SNP193 -1.575e-04 9.998e-01  2.501e-01  3.998e+00 7.071e-01 4.961e-08 0.99982
SNP194 -8.836e-01 4.133e-01  1.165e-01  1.466e+00 6.459e-01 1.871e+00 0.17132
SNP195        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP196        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP197 -2.939e-01 7.454e-01  1.709e-01  3.251e+00 7.515e-01 1.529e-01 0.69576
SNP198  0.000e+00 1.000e+00  2.501e-01  3.998e+00 7.071e-01 0.000e+00 1.00000
SNP199 -2.286e-01 7.957e-01  1.246e-01  5.080e+00 9.459e-01 5.839e-02 0.80906
SNP200 -8.837e-01 4.133e-01  1.165e-01  1.466e+00 6.459e-01 1.872e+00 0.17130
SNP201 -2.285e-01 7.957e-01  1.247e-01  5.079e+00 9.457e-01 5.840e-02 0.80904
SNP202 -7.215e-02 9.304e-01  2.384e-01  3.630e+00 6.946e-01 1.079e-02 0.91727
SNP203 -2.290e-01 7.953e-01  1.246e-01  5.077e+00 9.458e-01 5.862e-02 0.80870
SNP204 -4.055e-01 6.667e-01  6.045e-02  7.352e+00 1.225e+00 1.096e-01 0.74060
SNP205  1.130e+00 3.097e+00  6.431e-01  1.492e+01 8.020e-01 1.987e+00 0.15867
SNP206 -4.042e-01 6.675e-01  6.054e-02  7.360e+00 1.225e+00 1.089e-01 0.74137
SNP207  1.130e+00 3.094e+00  6.428e-01  1.489e+01 8.018e-01 1.985e+00 0.15889
SNP208  9.316e+00 1.111e+04  0.000e+00        Inf 9.017e+03 1.067e-06 0.99918
SNP209  1.130e+00 3.096e+00  6.431e-01  1.491e+01 8.019e-01 1.986e+00 0.15871
SNP210 -2.939e-01 7.454e-01  1.709e-01  3.251e+00 7.515e-01 1.529e-01 0.69576
SNP211  1.091e+01 5.486e+04  0.000e+00        Inf 7.071e+04 2.382e-08 0.99988
SNP212 -1.124e-05 1.000e+00  2.501e-01  3.998e+00 7.071e-01 2.526e-10 0.99999
SNP213  1.130e+00 3.097e+00  6.431e-01  1.492e+01 8.020e-01 1.987e+00 0.15867
SNP214 -4.051e-01 6.669e-01  6.047e-02  7.354e+00 1.225e+00 1.094e-01 0.74081
SNP215 -2.288e-01 7.955e-01  1.246e-01  5.078e+00 9.458e-01 5.852e-02 0.80885
SNP216  1.130e+00 3.097e+00  6.431e-01  1.492e+01 8.020e-01 1.987e+00 0.15867
SNP217        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP218        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP219        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP220 -2.290e-01 7.953e-01  2.144e-01  2.950e+00 6.688e-01 1.172e-01 0.73205
SNP221  3.703e+00 4.055e+01  5.074e-35  3.241e+37 4.218e+01 7.706e-03 0.93005
SNP222  4.370e-01 1.548e+00  1.346e-01  1.780e+01 1.246e+00 1.230e-01 0.72583
SNP223 -1.740e-01 8.403e-01  1.629e-01  4.334e+00 8.370e-01 4.324e-02 0.83528
SNP224 -7.809e-01 4.580e-01  1.254e-01  1.673e+00 6.610e-01 1.396e+00 0.23744
SNP225 -1.823e-01 8.333e-01  1.617e-01  4.295e+00 8.367e-01 4.749e-02 0.82749
SNP226 -7.828e-01 4.571e-01  1.252e-01  1.669e+00 6.607e-01 1.404e+00 0.23609
SNP227 -1.248e-01 8.827e-01  2.478e-01  3.144e+00 6.481e-01 3.708e-02 0.84730
SNP228        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP229 -3.990e-01 6.710e-01  6.101e-02  7.380e+00 1.223e+00 1.064e-01 0.74431
SNP230 -1.792e+00 1.667e-01  2.007e-02  1.384e+00 1.080e+00 2.752e+00 0.09715
SNP231        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP232 -7.060e+00 8.589e-04 1.931e-186 3.820e+179 2.146e+02 1.082e-03 0.97375
SNP233  6.873e+00 9.657e+02  0.000e+00        Inf 3.689e+03 3.472e-06 0.99851
SNP234 -7.827e-01 4.572e-01  1.251e-01  1.671e+00 6.612e-01 1.401e+00 0.23650
SNP235  9.525e-01 2.592e+00  6.626e-01  1.014e+01 6.960e-01 1.873e+00 0.17115
SNP236  6.931e-01 2.000e+00  2.408e-01  1.661e+01 1.080e+00 4.118e-01 0.52105
SNP237  8.419e+00 4.532e+03  0.000e+00        Inf 3.193e+03 6.952e-06 0.99790
SNP238        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP239  9.589e-01 2.609e+00  7.161e-01  9.504e+00 6.596e-01 2.114e+00 0.14600
SNP240  3.275e-01 1.387e+00  2.685e-01  7.170e+00 8.380e-01 1.527e-01 0.69599
SNP241        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP242  8.622e+00 5.552e+03 3.210e-106 9.604e+112 1.283e+02 4.514e-03 0.94644
SNP243  7.703e+00 2.215e+03  0.000e+00        Inf 4.903e+03 2.468e-06 0.99875
SNP244  9.884e+00 1.962e+04  0.000e+00        Inf 2.500e+04 1.563e-07 0.99968
SNP245  6.871e+00 9.641e+02  0.000e+00        Inf 2.406e+03 8.159e-06 0.99772
SNP246  7.106e+00 1.220e+03  0.000e+00        Inf 2.916e+03 5.939e-06 0.99806
SNP247  7.194e+00 1.331e+03  0.000e+00        Inf 1.484e+03 2.348e-05 0.99613
SNP248        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP249        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP250 -5.476e-01 5.783e-01  1.344e-01  2.490e+00 7.448e-01 5.406e-01 0.46218
SNP251  1.490e-01 1.161e+00  2.541e-01  5.301e+00 7.750e-01 3.697e-02 0.84752
SNP252        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP253  1.348e-01 1.144e+00  2.023e-01  6.473e+00 8.841e-01 2.323e-02 0.87886
SNP254        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP255  1.794e-01 1.196e+00  2.212e-01  6.472e+00 8.613e-01 4.338e-02 0.83501
SNP256  1.468e+00 4.342e+00  1.451e-01  1.299e+02 1.734e+00 7.168e-01 0.39718
SNP257 -1.099e+00 3.333e-01  2.085e-02  5.329e+00 1.414e+00 6.035e-01 0.43726
SNP258  6.069e+00 4.321e+02 9.697e-129 1.925e+133 1.535e+02 1.563e-03 0.96846
SNP259  4.467e-01 1.563e+00  4.666e-01  5.237e+00 6.169e-01 5.243e-01 0.46899
SNP260        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP261        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP262  1.920e+00 6.822e+00  8.554e-01  5.440e+01 1.059e+00 3.285e+00 0.06990
SNP263  1.155e-01 1.122e+00  1.849e-01  6.813e+00 9.201e-01 1.576e-02 0.90009
SNP264 -1.024e-01 9.026e-01  2.575e-01  3.165e+00 6.400e-01 2.562e-02 0.87283
SNP265        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP266        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP267        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP268  4.055e-01 1.500e+00  2.506e-01  8.977e+00 9.129e-01 1.973e-01 0.65692
SNP269        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP270        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP271  5.158e+00 1.738e+02 8.330e-152 3.626e+155 1.801e+02 8.200e-04 0.97716
SNP272 -2.066e-01 8.133e-01  2.511e-01  2.635e+00 5.997e-01 1.187e-01 0.73044
SNP273  5.392e+00 2.196e+02  1.125e-89  4.287e+93 1.072e+02 2.528e-03 0.95990
SNP274  2.282e-01 1.256e+00  2.966e-01  5.322e+00 7.366e-01 9.598e-02 0.75671
SNP275  1.784e-02 1.018e+00  2.119e-01  4.891e+00 8.008e-01 4.965e-04 0.98222
SNP276        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP277 -4.532e-01 6.356e-01  1.967e-01  2.054e+00 5.985e-01 5.734e-01 0.44890
SNP278 -5.878e-01 5.556e-01  1.626e-01  1.898e+00 6.269e-01 8.792e-01 0.34843
SNP279  6.952e+00 1.045e+03  0.000e+00        Inf 5.799e+02 1.437e-04 0.99043
SNP280 -4.642e-01 6.287e-01  1.005e-01  3.933e+00 9.355e-01 2.462e-01 0.61977
SNP281        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP282 -4.603e+00 1.002e-02  2.130e-14  4.713e+09 1.371e+01 1.127e-01 0.73711
SNP283        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP284 -1.099e+00 3.333e-01  2.085e-02  5.329e+00 1.414e+00 6.035e-01 0.43726
SNP285 -6.949e-01 4.991e-01  4.527e-02  5.502e+00 1.225e+00 3.221e-01 0.57038
SNP286 -6.931e-01 5.000e-01  4.534e-02  5.514e+00 1.225e+00 3.203e-01 0.57143
SNP287 -2.168e+00 1.144e-01  3.268e-03  4.007e+00 1.814e+00 1.428e+00 0.23216
SNP288  0.000e+00 1.000e+00  8.381e-02  1.193e+01 1.265e+00 0.000e+00 1.00000
SNP289 -1.552e+00 2.117e-01  4.238e-02  1.058e+00 8.207e-01 3.578e+00 0.05855
SNP290  0.000e+00 1.000e+00  1.576e-01  6.346e+00 9.428e-01 0.000e+00 1.00000
SNP291  1.425e+01 1.544e+06  0.000e+00        Inf 1.071e+04 1.770e-06 0.99894
SNP292 -1.552e+00 2.117e-01  4.238e-02  1.058e+00 8.207e-01 3.578e+00 0.05855
SNP293  1.988e-01 1.220e+00  1.240e-01  1.200e+01 1.167e+00 2.905e-02 0.86465
SNP294  2.018e-01 1.224e+00  1.231e-01  1.216e+01 1.172e+00 2.966e-02 0.86327
SNP295        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP296  1.307e+00 3.694e+00  7.787e-01  1.753e+01 7.944e-01 2.706e+00 0.09996
SNP297 -3.972e-01 6.722e-01  1.606e-01  2.813e+00 7.304e-01 2.957e-01 0.58657
SNP298  1.768e+00 5.856e+00  7.477e-01  4.587e+01 1.050e+00 2.833e+00 0.09235
SNP299 -7.183e-01 4.876e-01  8.087e-02  2.940e+00 9.167e-01 6.141e-01 0.43325
SNP300 -4.055e-01 6.667e-01  1.588e-01  2.798e+00 7.319e-01 3.069e-01 0.57960
SNP301        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP302  1.125e+00 3.079e+00  6.397e-01  1.482e+01 8.018e-01 1.968e+00 0.16069
SNP303  1.964e+00 7.125e+00  9.119e-01  5.568e+01 1.049e+00 3.504e+00 0.06121
SNP304 -1.273e+00 2.799e-01  3.073e-02  2.550e+00 1.127e+00 1.276e+00 0.25864
SNP305  1.664e+00 5.278e+00  7.234e-01  3.851e+01 1.014e+00 2.692e+00 0.10088
SNP306  1.665e+00 5.285e+00  7.361e-01  3.794e+01 1.006e+00 2.740e+00 0.09786
SNP307  1.950e-01 1.215e+00  2.105e-01  7.016e+00 8.945e-01 4.749e-02 0.82748
SNP308 -4.199e-01 6.571e-01  1.823e-01  2.369e+00 6.543e-01 4.118e-01 0.52104
SNP309 -1.574e-01 8.544e-01  2.945e-01  2.479e+00 5.435e-01 8.384e-02 0.77215
SNP310 -8.121e-03 9.919e-01  3.275e-01  3.005e+00 5.655e-01 2.062e-04 0.98854
SNP311 -1.976e-01 8.207e-01  2.408e-01  2.797e+00 6.257e-01 9.973e-02 0.75215
SNP312 -1.478e-01 8.626e-01  2.973e-01  2.503e+00 5.435e-01 7.395e-02 0.78567
SNP313 -6.193e+00 2.044e-03  3.629e-14  1.151e+08 1.263e+01 2.404e-01 0.62389
SNP314 -1.379e-01 8.712e-01  3.015e-01  2.517e+00 5.413e-01 6.487e-02 0.79896
SNP315 -1.617e-01 8.507e-01  2.906e-01  2.491e+00 5.480e-01 8.701e-02 0.76801
SNP316  0.000e+00 1.000e+00  3.300e-01  3.030e+00 5.657e-01 0.000e+00 1.00000
SNP317 -1.594e-01 8.526e-01  2.913e-01  2.496e+00 5.480e-01 8.465e-02 0.77109
SNP318 -1.482e-01 8.623e-01  2.972e-01  2.502e+00 5.435e-01 7.433e-02 0.78514
SNP319        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP320  4.999e-04 1.001e+00  3.303e-01  3.031e+00 5.654e-01 7.816e-07 0.99929
SNP321  5.457e+00 2.344e+02  1.590e-08  3.454e+12 1.195e+01 2.087e-01 0.64782
SNP322        NaN       NaN        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP323        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP324  1.746e+00 5.732e+00  1.005e-01  3.269e+02 2.063e+00 7.162e-01 0.39738
SNP325  2.192e+00 8.956e+00  8.588e-04  9.341e+04 4.721e+00 2.157e-01 0.64235
SNP326 -8.504e-02 9.185e-01  2.929e-01  2.880e+00 5.832e-01 2.126e-02 0.88406
SNP327  1.407e+01 1.293e+06  0.000e+00        Inf 4.274e+04 1.084e-07 0.99974
SNP328        Inf       Inf        NaN        NaN       NaN       NaN      NA
SNP329 -3.195e-01 7.265e-01  2.027e-01  2.603e+00 6.512e-01 2.408e-01 0.62364
SNP330 -3.204e-01 7.259e-01  2.023e-01  2.605e+00 6.519e-01 2.415e-01 0.62313
SNP331 -6.662e-01 5.137e-01  1.480e-01  1.783e+00 6.349e-01 1.101e+00 0.29408
SNP332 -2.253e-01 7.983e-01  1.251e-01  5.094e+00 9.457e-01 5.677e-02 0.81167
SNP333 -1.215e-01 8.856e-01  1.430e-01  5.484e+00 9.303e-01 1.705e-02 0.89611
SNP334  6.850e-01 1.984e+00  3.647e-01  1.079e+01 8.641e-01 6.284e-01 0.42796
           Trios P(Mendel Error)
SNP1   1.504e-01       2.475e-01
SNP2   4.989e+00       6.133e-01
SNP3   1.250e+01       2.572e+00
SNP4   1.052e+01       1.321e+00
SNP5   1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP6   1.461e+01       3.653e+00
SNP7   1.200e+01       0.000e+00
SNP8   1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP9   1.208e-02       4.789e-01
SNP10  1.197e-02       4.801e-01
SNP11  5.034e-04       4.211e-02
SNP12  0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP13  7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP14  1.054e+01       6.821e-01
SNP15  9.625e+00       3.855e-01
SNP16  6.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP17  8.758e-02       6.759e-03
SNP18  2.079e+00       1.875e-01
SNP19  6.002e+00       3.011e-02
SNP20  6.000e+00       3.728e-02
SNP21  1.200e+01       0.000e+00
SNP22  2.861e+00       7.054e-01
SNP23  6.027e+00       4.385e-02
SNP24  4.399e-01       2.534e-01
SNP25  7.433e+00       7.112e-01
SNP26  7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP27  8.104e+00       1.435e+00
SNP28  1.865e+00       1.848e-01
SNP29  1.083e-01       3.991e-02
SNP30  1.147e+01       1.186e+00
SNP31  7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP32  7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP33  1.968e+00       6.233e-03
SNP34  1.930e-03       6.399e-04
SNP35  1.001e+00       2.908e-02
SNP36  1.210e+01       3.498e-02
SNP37  1.210e+01       4.819e-02
SNP38  1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP39  1.200e+01       1.140e-03
SNP40  0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP41  2.900e-09       1.300e-04
SNP42  2.300e-04       2.100e-04
SNP43  7.801e-04       3.899e-04
SNP44  5.400e-09       3.600e-04
SNP45  1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP46  6.018e+00       3.586e-02
SNP47  8.321e+00       2.018e-01
SNP48  1.300e+01       0.000e+00
SNP49  9.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP50  4.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP51  1.301e+01       5.153e-02
SNP52  1.113e+01       6.054e-03
SNP53  1.111e-03       4.273e-03
SNP54  2.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP55  3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP56  2.000e+00       7.192e-04
SNP57  3.006e+00       4.754e-03
SNP58  0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP59  1.133e+01       7.005e-03
SNP60  2.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP61  1.197e+01       7.863e-04
SNP62  3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP63  3.000e+00       1.800e-04
SNP64  4.243e+00       1.281e-03
SNP65  3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP66  1.300e+01       0.000e+00
SNP67  2.059e+00       8.638e-02
SNP68  3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP69  8.653e+00       9.242e-02
SNP70  1.113e+01       4.741e-01
SNP71  1.132e+01       6.081e-01
SNP72  3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP73  2.581e-03       1.874e-01
SNP74  6.824e-02       2.504e-02
SNP75  1.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP76  7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP77  6.815e+00       2.861e-01
SNP78  3.010e+00       3.948e-01
SNP79  1.064e+01       4.302e-01
SNP80  3.830e-01       5.976e-01
SNP81  2.507e-06       4.625e-03
SNP82  5.435e+00       2.690e-01
SNP83  6.435e-03       4.319e-01
SNP84  6.161e-06       6.351e-02
SNP85  0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP86  5.377e+00       1.989e-01
SNP87  8.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP88  6.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP89  8.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP90  1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP91  1.400e+01       0.000e+00
SNP92  1.200e+01       0.000e+00
SNP93  1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP94  0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP95  0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP96  1.200e+01       0.000e+00
SNP97  1.100e+01       4.414e-03
SNP98  1.300e+01       0.000e+00
SNP99  1.095e+01       2.531e-01
SNP100 1.388e+01       2.700e+00
SNP101 2.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP102 1.983e+00       3.664e-01
SNP103 4.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP104 4.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP105 3.578e+00       7.974e-01
SNP106 5.024e+00       1.248e-01
SNP107 3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP108 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP109 5.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP110 6.505e-06       9.799e-03
SNP111 1.099e+01       4.390e-03
SNP112 1.099e+01       4.310e-03
SNP113 1.254e+01       2.331e-01
SNP114 1.107e+01       9.142e-02
SNP115 1.195e+01       3.470e-03
SNP116 8.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP117 1.451e-02       2.650e-01
SNP118 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP119 8.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP120 1.200e+01       0.000e+00
SNP121 3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP122 5.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP123 3.000e+00       6.000e-05
SNP124 4.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP125 1.974e-07       2.199e-03
SNP126 7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP127 4.012e+00       8.854e-02
SNP128 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP129 3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP130 3.996e+00       6.640e-02
SNP131 1.200e+01       5.740e-03
SNP132 6.863e-02       6.821e-02
SNP133 1.144e+00       1.103e-02
SNP134 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP135 1.200e+01       0.000e+00
SNP136 4.047e+00       1.112e-01
SNP137 1.208e-07       1.227e-01
SNP138 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP139 1.200e+01       3.631e-03
SNP140 1.307e+01       1.178e-01
SNP141 6.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP142 4.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP143 1.200e+01       0.000e+00
SNP144 2.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP145 1.300e+01       0.000e+00
SNP146 8.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP147 1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP148 8.305e-01       4.248e-01
SNP149 2.023e+00       1.587e-01
SNP150 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP151 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP152 2.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP153 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP154 5.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP155 1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP156 1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP157 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP158 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP159 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP160 3.322e-07       5.909e-03
SNP161 3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP162 4.598e+00       3.472e-01
SNP163 1.041e+01       8.385e-01
SNP164 1.120e+00       2.823e-01
SNP165 7.407e+00       0.000e+00
SNP166 7.028e+00       2.774e-02
SNP167 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP168 1.200e+01       2.000e-04
SNP169 7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP170 1.200e+01       7.999e-05
SNP171 1.100e+01       1.010e-03
SNP172 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP173 1.200e+01       0.000e+00
SNP174 1.200e+01       2.577e-02
SNP175 1.200e+01       3.899e-04
SNP176 1.099e+01       4.739e-03
SNP177 1.200e+01       1.100e-04
SNP178 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP179 7.000e+00       4.000e-04
SNP180 3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP181 1.205e+01       1.676e-01
SNP182 7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP183 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP184 5.893e+00       1.813e-01
SNP185 3.004e+00       1.534e-02
SNP186 5.005e+00       1.089e-02
SNP187 1.099e+01       1.615e-01
SNP188 1.200e+01       0.000e+00
SNP189 1.001e+00       1.020e-02
SNP190 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP191 4.504e-04       1.201e-02
SNP192 7.027e+00       5.252e-03
SNP193 8.000e+00       6.099e-04
SNP194 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP195 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP196 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP197 8.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP198 8.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP199 5.000e+00       1.470e-03
SNP200 1.100e+01       1.400e-04
SNP201 5.002e+00       1.758e-03
SNP202 8.320e+00       2.720e-01
SNP203 5.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP204 3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP205 1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP206 3.002e+00       1.999e-03
SNP207 1.000e+01       1.360e-03
SNP208 4.100e-04       7.598e-04
SNP209 1.000e+01       4.100e-04
SNP210 8.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP211 3.292e-05       4.839e-02
SNP212 8.001e+00       5.399e-04
SNP213 1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP214 3.000e+00       9.198e-04
SNP215 5.001e+00       8.898e-04
SNP216 1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP217 9.351e-08       1.520e-03
SNP218 2.371e-08       1.240e-03
SNP219 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP220 1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP221 6.908e-02       9.274e-01
SNP222 3.843e+00       4.757e-01
SNP223 7.015e+00       2.403e-02
SNP224 1.023e+01       1.325e-02
SNP225 7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP226 1.024e+01       3.161e-02
SNP227 1.093e+01       3.276e-01
SNP228 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP229 3.013e+00       1.737e-02
SNP230 7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP231 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP232 2.531e-02       1.282e-02
SNP233 2.131e-04       6.562e-03
SNP234 1.022e+01       1.066e-02
SNP235 1.177e+01       1.430e-02
SNP236 7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP237 1.334e-03       1.646e-01
SNP238 8.721e-05       2.978e-03
SNP239 1.494e+01       6.356e-03
SNP240 8.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP241 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP242 1.011e+00       3.788e-03
SNP243 2.765e-04       9.935e-03
SNP244 9.419e-05       2.378e-03
SNP245 5.002e-04       1.107e-02
SNP246 4.306e-04       3.975e-03
SNP247 1.812e-03       3.083e-01
SNP248 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP249 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP250 7.770e+00       5.572e-01
SNP251 7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP252 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP253 6.866e+00       5.149e-01
SNP254 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP255 7.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP256 3.765e+00       4.754e-01
SNP257 2.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP258 5.507e-02       5.000e-01
SNP259 1.300e+01       0.000e+00
SNP260 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP261 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP262 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP263 5.481e+00       4.517e-01
SNP264 1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP265 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP266 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP267 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP268 5.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP269 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP270 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP271 1.533e-02       5.380e-01
SNP272 1.224e+01       2.678e+00
SNP273 5.513e-02       7.966e-01
SNP274 9.358e+00       2.764e+00
SNP275 7.592e+00       2.499e+00
SNP276 1.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP277 1.200e+01       0.000e+00
SNP278 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP279 9.325e-03       4.868e-01
SNP280 5.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP281 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP282 5.375e-01       2.060e-01
SNP283 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP284 2.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP285 3.003e+00       3.678e-03
SNP286 3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP287 2.949e+00       8.584e-02
SNP288 3.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP289 9.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP290 5.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP291 4.037e-02       4.244e-02
SNP292 9.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP293 3.661e+00       2.858e-01
SNP294 3.628e+00       3.552e-01
SNP295 2.000e+00       8.200e-04
SNP296 1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP297 8.032e+00       1.400e-02
SNP298 9.052e+00       1.128e-02
SNP299 5.306e+00       8.283e-02
SNP300 8.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP301 1.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP302 1.005e+01       1.034e-01
SNP303 9.035e+00       5.761e-02
SNP304 4.147e+00       6.313e-02
SNP305 9.166e+00       3.066e-01
SNP306 9.189e+00       3.851e-01
SNP307 6.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP308 1.002e+01       1.456e-03
SNP309 1.400e+01       1.444e-03
SNP310 1.300e+01       5.127e-05
SNP311 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP312 1.400e+01       0.000e+00
SNP313 3.067e+00       3.806e-02
SNP314 1.410e+01       9.553e-02
SNP315 1.381e+01       3.810e-01
SNP316 1.300e+01       0.000e+00
SNP317 1.382e+01       4.109e-01
SNP318 1.400e+01       2.359e-03
SNP319 4.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP320 1.301e+01       4.402e-02
SNP321 2.996e+00       6.160e-02
SNP322 0.000e+00       0.000e+00
SNP323 1.130e-05       9.281e-03
SNP324 2.686e+00       1.239e+00
SNP325 1.127e+00       3.927e-01
SNP326 1.200e+01       0.000e+00
SNP327 2.124e-03       6.366e-02
SNP328 3.282e-07       2.789e-03
SNP329 1.002e+01       6.375e-02
SNP330 1.000e+01       0.000e+00
SNP331 1.100e+01       0.000e+00
SNP332 5.005e+00       3.264e-02
SNP333 5.262e+00       3.287e-01
SNP334 6.012e+00       1.745e-02

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