Man pages for tweeDEseq
RNA-seq data analysis using the Poisson-Tweedie family of distributions

compareCountDistributionsCompare count data distributions
distPoissonTweedieThe Poisson-Tweedie family of distributions
filterCountsCount data filtering
glmPTFit Poisson-Tweedie generalized linear model.
gofTestTest the goodness of fit of every row in a matrix of counts
mlePoissonTweedieMaximum likelihood estimation of the Poisson-Tweedie...
normalizeCountsCount data normalization
print.mlePTMethods for objects of class 'mlePT'
qqchisqChi-square quantile-quantile plot
seizureEpileptic seizure counts
testShapePTTest shape parameter of PT
tweeDEScore test for differences between two Poisson-Tweedie groups
tweeDEseq-internalInternal 'tweeDEseq' functions
tweeDExactExact test for differences between two Poisson-Tweedie groups
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