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AGread is for bringing ActiGraph sensor data into R. It is designed to streamline and standardize the file-reading process, regardless of which file format is provided (currently supporting .gt3x and .csv).

AGread can be used flexibly to develop new methods for handling ActiGraph data, or to invoke existing methods, many of which exist in other R packages (e.g. PhysicalActivity and TwoRegression), or will soon.

New in AGread 1.0.0, Rcpp has been invoked to speed up the process of reading .gt3x files. There is now documented equivalence between the outcomes of read_gt3x and csv reading functions read_AG__raw and read_AG_IMU.


You can install the development version of AGread from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Windows users, make sure you have Rtools installed before running the above.

Alternatively, AGread v1.0.0 is available on CRAN. Install it with:


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