Man pages for AGread
Read Data Files from ActiGraph Monitors

AG_binaryConvert a raw elements to a binary sequence
AG_collapseCollapse primary accelerometer data
AG_col_namesMap variable inclusion to columns in csv file
ag_imu_formatFormat columns in collapsed IMU data
AG_metaExtract meta-data from file header
ag_raw_formatFormat columns in collapsed raw data
AGreadRead Data Files from ActiGraph Monitors
AG_roundFunction to round away from zero
AG_timeAdd time variable to processed data
bin_intCalculate an integer from a binary sequence
calibrate_rawPerform autocalibration using GGIR package
capability_collapseCollapse a character vector for tidy printing
check_columnsCheck if the primary accelerometer file is formatted...
check_incTest whether inclinometer variables have been correctly...
check_secondCheck if the IMU data start on an exact second
checksum_calculatePerform a checksum calculation on gt3x file packets
classify_magnetometerConvert magnetometer signal to cardinal direction
collapse_gt3xCollapse data that were read using 'read_gt3x'
collapse_recordsDispatch-like function for combining packet records of a...
get_blocksAssign blocks to data stream for reintegration
get_day_of_yearJulian Date
get_durationProvide the run time of processing
get_file_size__gbGet the size of a file in GB
get_float_valueRetrieve the float value for appropriate PARAMETERS records
get_headersRetrieve record headers from .gt3x binary data
get_imu_file_metaGet file metadata (sampling frequency, start time, and...
get_minuteNumerical Minute of the Day.
get_raw_file_metaGet file metadata (sampling frequency and timestamps) for...
get_sensor_columnParse a column of sensor data
get_valueEvaluate the value portion of a PARAMETERS record
get_VMCalculate vector magnitude
imu_collapseCollapse raw IMU data to a specified epoch
imu_filter_gyroscopeLow-Pass filter Gyroscope data
imu_name_labelFix the column names in IMU data during collapsing
imu_to_checkIMU data to check
imu_to_collapseIMU data to collapse
imu_var_collapseCollapse an IMU variable
interpolate_sensor_recordsPerform linear interpolation to fill in SENSOR_DATA payloads...
message_updatePrint processing updates to console
name_logLightly format a processed log
par_battery_stateParse PARAMETERS packet for battery state
par_battery_voltageParse PARAMETERS packet for battery voltage
par_calibration_timeParse PARAMETERS packet for calibration time
par_display_capabilitiesParse PARAMETERS packet for display capabilities
par_display_configurationParse PARAMETERS packet for display configuration
par_feature_capabilitiesParse PARAMETERS packet for feature capabilities
par_feature_enableParse PARAMETERS packet for enabled features
par_firmware_versionParse PARAMETERS packet for firmware version
par_memory_sizeParse PARAMETERS packet for memory size
parse_info_txtParse the info component of a gt3x file
parse_log_binParse the log component of a gt3x file
par_sensor_configurationParse PARAMETERS packet for sensor configuration
par_wireless_modeParse PARAMETERS packet for wireless mode
par_wireless_serial_numberParse PARAMETERS packet for wireless serial number
payload_parseDispatch-like function for parsing different types of...
payload_parse_activity_0Parse ACTIVITY packet
payload_parse_activity2_26Parse ACTIVITY2 packet
payload_parse_battery_2Parse BATTERY packet
payload_parse_capsense_13Parse CAPSENSE packet
payload_parse_epoch_12Parse EPOCH2 packet
payload_parse_epoch_15Parse EPOCH3 packet
payload_parse_epoch_16Parse EPOCH4 packet
payload_parse_epoch_9Parse EPOCH packet
payload_parse_event_3Parse EVENT packet
payload_parse_heart_ant_11Parse HEART_RATE_ANT packet
payload_parse_heart_ble_14Parse HEART_RATE_BLE packet
payload_parse_heart_rate_4Parse HEART_RATE_BPM packet
payload_parse_infodata_6Parse METADATA packet
payload_parse_lux_5Parse LUX packet
payload_parse_parameters_21Master function to parse PARAMETERS packets
payload_parse_sensor_data_25Parse SENSOR_DATA packet
payload_parse_sensor_schema_24Parse metadata from a SENSOR_SCHEMA packet
payload_parse_tag_7Parse TAG packet
post_processApply post-processing to the result of parsing packets of a...
process_parametersSecond-level function for parsing PARAMETERS packets
process_record_setParse the packets of a certain type
raw_to_collapsePrimary accelerometer data to collapse
read_AG_countsRead data table files containing count values
read_AG_IMUFile reading function for IMU files
read_AG_rawFile reading function for primary accelerometer files
read_AG_raw_blockRead a large raw file in blocks
read_gt3xRead data from a gt3x file
read_recordHigh-level function to read a packet of data from a gt3x file
reintegrateReintegrate a data stream
rm_trail_naRemove trailing rows with missing values from data frame
schema_metaParse metadata from a SENSOR_SCHEMA packet
select_recordsExclude record headers of types that are not listed in the...
seq_interpolateOne-dimensional linear interpolation
sort_recordsSort chronologically-ordered record headers by type, for...
test_timesTest whether first columns contain date/time information
test_VMTest whether a vector magnitude column is present
tick_to_posixConvert a tick value to a timestamp
timestamp_recalcRe-calculate IMU timestamps after parsing and interpolating...
update_keyFinal formatting for a PARAMETERS result
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