Man pages for AGread
Read Data Files from ActiGraph Monitors

activity_payloadParse the payload for an ACTIVITY packet
AG_collapseCollapse primary accelerometer data
AG_col_namesMap variable inclusion to columns in csv file
agd_formatFormat ActiGraph agd data after initial reading
ag_imu_formatFormat columns in collapsed IMU data
AG_insertCalculate a new variable and insert it in a data frame
AG_mergeMerge primary accelerometer data with IMU data
AG_metaExtract meta-data from file header
ag_raw_formatFormat columns in collapsed raw data
AGreadAGread: Read Data Files from ActiGraph Monitors
AG_timeAdd time variable to processed data
calibrate_rawPerform autocalibration using GGIR package
capitalizeCapitalize a string vector
check_columnsCheck if the primary accelerometer file is formatted...
check_idCheck sensor payload ID prior to parsing the packet
check_incTest whether inclinometer variables have been correctly...
check_secondCheck if the IMU data start on an exact second
checksumCCalculate checksum for a packet in C++
classify_magnetometerConvert magnetometer signal to cardinal direction
collapse_gt3xCollapse data that were read using 'read_gt3x'
dev_bin_packetsParse gt3x packets using the dev scheme
dev_external_compareVerify 'read_gt3x' gives equivalent output using dev and...
dev_parse_activityParse a set of ACTIVITY packets
dev_parse_luxParse a set of LUX packets
flag_idleFlag Idle Sleep Times
format_luxConvert pre-parsed lux data into its final format
format_sleep_eventsFormat idle sleep information from EVENT records
get_day_of_yearJulian Date
get_epochRetrieve the epoch length of an ActiGraph data frame
get_file_size__gbGet the size of a file in GB
get_headersCCollect information about the packets stored in log.bin
get_imu_file_metaGet file metadata (sampling frequency, start time, and...
get_int12Extract a 12-bit integer from two bytes
get_minuteNumerical Minute of the Day.
get_raw_file_metaGet file metadata (sampling frequency and timestamps) for...
get_sensor_columnParse a column of sensor data
get_shortFlexibly (big/little endian, signed/unsigned) convert two raw...
get_timesSet up timestamps for RAW or IMU data frames
get_VMCalculate vector magnitude
impute_IMUImpute IMU data for missing packets
impute_primaryImpute primary accelerometer data for missing packets
imu_collapseCollapse raw IMU data to a specified epoch
imu_dfConvert parsed packet data from list to data frame
imu_filter_gyroscopeLow-Pass filter Gyroscope data
imu_name_labelFix the column names in IMU data during collapsing
imu_to_checkIMU data to check
imu_to_collapseIMU data to collapse
imu_var_collapseCollapse an IMU variable
interpolate_sensor_recordsPerform linear interpolation to fill in SENSOR_DATA payloads...
interval_matchMatch a resampled interval proportion to its corresponding...
legacy_dev_compareVerify 'read_gt3x' gives equivalent output using legacy and...
legacy_parse_IMU_CParse all IMU packets in a file
legacy_payload_parse_activity2_26CParse a packet of primary accelerometer data in C++
legacy_payload_parse_sensor_data_25CParse SENSOR_DATA packet in c++
lux_payloadParse the payload for a LUX packet
message_updatePrint processing updates to console
mid_roundPerform midpoint rounding the ActiGraph way
next_separatorFind the next record separator
parse_info_txtParse the info component of a gt3x file
parse_log_binParse the log component of a gt3x file
parse_packet_setParse all packets of a given type
parse_primary_accelerometerCParse all primary accelerometer packets in a file
payload_parse_sensor_data_25Parse SENSOR_DATA packet
print_progCPrint progress updates while parsing packets in C++
raw_to_collapsePrimary accelerometer data to collapse
read_AG_countsRead data table files containing count values
read_agdRead an ActiGraph agd file
read_AG_IMUFile reading function for IMU files
read_AG_rawFile reading function for primary accelerometer files
read_AG_raw_blockRead a large raw file in blocks
read_gt3xRead data from a gt3x file
read_gt3x_infoRetrieve information from the gt3x zip archive
read_gt3x_setupPrepare a gt3x file for parsing
reintegrateReintegrate ActiGraph data
schema_metaParse metadata from a SENSOR_SCHEMA packet
sensor_resampleResample a sensor data stream
seq_interpolateOne-dimensional linear interpolation
special_packetsHandle empty and latched packets
zero2oneInterpolation-specific sequencer
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