Man pages for AICcmodavg
Model Selection and Multimodel Inference Based on (Q)AIC(c)

AICcComputing AIC, AICc, QAIC, and QAICc
AICcCustomCustom Computation of AIC, AICc, QAIC, and QAICc from...
AICcmodavg-defunctDefunct Functions in AICcmodavg Package
AICcmodavg-packageModel Selection and Multimodel Inference Based on (Q)AIC(c)
aictabCreate Model Selection Tables
aictabCustomCustom Creation of Model Selection Tables from User-supplied...
beetleFlour Beetle Data
bictabCreate Model Selection Tables Based on BIC
bictabCustomCustom Creation of Model Selection Tables from User-supplied...
boot.wtCompute Model Selection Relative Frequencies
bullfrogBullfrog Occupancy and Common Reed Invasion
calciumBlood Calcium Concentration in Birds
cementHeat Expended Following Hardening of Portland Cement
c_hatEstimate Dispersion for Poisson and Binomial GLM's and GLMM's
checkConvCheck Convergence of Fitted Model
checkParmsIdentify Parameters with Large Standard Errors
confsetComputing Confidence Set for the Kullback-Leibler Best Model
countDistCompute Summary Statistics from Distance Sampling Data
countHistCompute Summary Statistics from Count Histories
covDiagCompute Covariance Diagnostic for Lambda in _N_-mixture...
detHistCompute Summary Statistics from Detection Histories
DICComputing DIC
dictabCreate Model Selection Tables from Bayesian Analyses
dry.frogFrog Dehydration Experiment on Three Substrate Types
evidenceCompute Evidence Ratio Between Two Models
extractCNCompute Condition Number
extractLLExtract Log-Likelihood of Model
extractSEExtract SE of Fixed Effects of 'coxme', 'glmer', and 'lmekin'...
extractXExtract Predictors from Candidate Model List Distribution Family and Link Function
fatFat Data and Body Measurements
gpaGPA Data and Standardized Test Scores
importanceCompute Importance Values of Variable
ironIron Content in Food
lizardsHabitat Preference of Lizards
mb.gof.testCompute MacKenzie and Bailey Goodness-of-fit Test for Single...
min.trapAnuran Larvae Counts in Minnow Traps Across Pond Type
modavgCompute Model-averaged Parameter Estimate (Multimodel...
modavgCustomCompute Model-averaged Parameter Estimate (Multimodel...
modavgEffectCompute Model-averaged Effect Sizes (Multimodel Inference on...
modavgPredCompute Model-averaged Predictions
modavgShrinkCompute Model-averaged Parameter Estimate with Shrinkage...
modavg.utilityVarious Utility Functions
multCompCreate Model Selection Tables based on Multiple Comparisons
newtNewt Capture-mark-recapture Data
Nmix.gof.testCompute Chi-square Goodness-of-fit Test for N-mixture Models
pineStrength of Pine Wood Based on the Density Adjusted for Resin...
predictSEComputing Predicted Values and Standard Errors
salamanderSalamander Capture-mark-recapture Data
tortoiseGopher Tortoise Distance Sampling Data
turkeyTurkey Weight Gain
useBICComputing BIC or QBIC
useBICCustomCustom Computation of BIC and QBIC from User-supplied Input
xtableFormat Objects to LaTeX or HTML
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