AIM: AIM: adaptive index model

R functions for adaptively constructing index models for continuous, binary and survival outcomes. Implementation requires loading R-pacakge "survival"

AuthorL. Tian and R. Tibshirani
Date of publication2010-04-05 19:01:20
MaintainerRobert Tibshirani <>

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backfit.cox.interaction Man page
backfit.cox.main Man page
backfit.lm.interaction Man page
backfit.lm.main Man page
backfit.logistic.interaction Man page
backfit.logistic.main Man page
cox.interaction Man page
cox.main Man page
cv.cox.interaction Man page
cv.cox.main Man page
cv.lm.interaction Man page
cv.lm.main Man page
cv.logistic.interaction Man page
cv.logistic.main Man page
index.prediction Man page
lm.interaction Man page
lm.main Man page
logistic.interaction Man page
logistic.main Man page

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