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AIM: adaptive index model

backfit.cox.interactionInternal function used in cox.interaction
backfit.cox.mainInternal function used in cox.main
backfit.lm.interactionInternal function used in lm.interaction
backfit.lm.mainInternal function used in lm.main
backfit.logistic.interactionInternal function used in logistic.interaction
backfit.logistic.mainInternal function used in logistic.main
cox.interactionInteraction Cox adaptive index model
cox.mainMain effect Cox adaptive index model
cv.cox.interactionCross-validation in the interaction Cox AIM
cv.cox.mainCross-validation in main effect Cox AIM
cv.lm.interactionCross-validation in interaction linear AIM
cv.lm.mainCross-validation in main effect linear AIM
cv.logistic.interactionCross-validation in interaction logistic AIM
cv.logistic.mainCross-validation in the main effect logistic AIM
index.predictionPredict index based on fitted AIM
lm.interactionInteraction linear adaptive index model
lm.mainMain effect linear adaptive index model
logistic.interactionInteraction logistic adaptive index model
logistic.mainMain effect logistic adaptive index model
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