ARPobservation: Tools for Simulating Direct Behavioral Observation Recording Procedures Based on Alternating Renewal Processes

Tools for simulating data generated by direct observation recording. Behavior streams are simulated based on an alternating renewal process, given specified distributions of event durations and interim times. Different procedures for recording data can then be applied to the simulated behavior streams. Functions are provided for the following recording methods: continuous duration recording, event counting, momentary time sampling, partial interval recording, and whole interval recording.

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AuthorJames E. Pustejovsky, with contributions from Daniel M. Swan
Date of publication2015-02-11 07:38:57
MaintainerJames E. Pustejovsky <>

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Man pages

ARPobservation: ARPobservation

augmented_recording: Applies augmented interval recording to a behavior stream

continuous_duration_recording: Applies continuous duration recording to a behavior stream

Dunlap: Dunlap et al.(1994) data

eq_dist: Constructor for class 'eq_dist'

event_counting: Applies event counting to a behavior stream

F_const: Constant (degenerate) distribution and related equilibrium...

F_exp: Exponential distribution and related equilibrium distribution

F_gam: Gamma distribution and related equilibrium distribution

F_gam_mix: Mixture of two gamma distributions and related equilibrium...

F_unif: Uniform distribution and related equilibrium distribution

F_weib: Weibull distribution and related equilibrium distribution

incidence_bounds: Incidence bounds and confidence interval

interim_bounds: Interim bounds and confidence interval

interval_recording: Applies interval recording to a behavior stream

logRespRatio: Calculate log-response ratio, variance, and confidence...

Moes: Moes(1998) data

momentary_time_recording: Applies momentary time recording to a behavior stream

PIR_loglik: Calculate log-likelihood

PIR_MOM: Moment estimator for prevalence and incidence, with bootstrap...

prevalence_bounds: Prevalence bounds and confidence interval

r_behavior_stream: Generates random behavior streams

r_continuous_recording: Generates random samples of continuously recorded behavior...

reported_observations: Applies multiple recording procedures to a behavior stream

r_event_counting: Generates random samples of event counts

r_MTS: Generates random momentary time sampling behavior streams

r_PIR: Generates random partial interval recording behavior streams

r_WIR: Generates random whole interval recording behavior streams


ARPobservation Man page
ARPobservation-package Man page
augmented_recording Man page
continuous_duration_recording Man page
Dunlap Man page
eq_dist Man page
event_counting Man page
F_const Man page
F_exp Man page
F_gam Man page
F_gam_mix Man page
F_unif Man page
F_weib Man page
incidence_bounds Man page
interim_bounds Man page
interval_recording Man page
logRespRatio Man page
Moes Man page
momentary_time_recording Man page
PIR_loglik Man page
PIR_MOM Man page
prevalence_bounds Man page
r_behavior_stream Man page
r_continuous_recording Man page
reported_observations Man page
r_event_counting Man page
r_MTS Man page
r_PIR Man page
r_WIR Man page

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