Dunlap: Dunlap et al.(1994) data

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Dunlap et al.(1994) data


Single case design data measured with partial interval recording from a study of the effect of providing Choice between academic activities on the disruptive behavior of three elementary school students with emotional and behavioral disorders. For this data "No Choice" is the baseline phase. Data were extracted from the figures in the publication.


A data frame with 58 observations on 7 variables

  • Case The participant for whom the observation took place

  • Phase The level of the observation ("Choice" vs. "No Choice")

  • Session The observation session # for each participant

  • outcome The summary PIR measurement for the observation session

  • active_length The length of the active observation interval, in seconds

  • rest_length The length of the recording interval, in seconds

  • intervals The total number of intervals in the observation session

A data frame with 53940 rows and 10 variables


Dunlap, G., DePerczel, M., Clarke, S., Wilson, D., Wright, S., White, R., & Gomez, A. (1994). Choice making to promote adaptive behavior for students with emotional and behavioral challenges. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 27 (3), 505-518.

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