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Moes(1998) data


Single-case design data from a study that using partial interval recording (PIR) examining the impact of choice-making in a homework tutoring context on disruptive behavior. In this data "No Choice" is the baseline phase. Data were extracted from the figure in the publication.


A data frame with 80 observations on 7 variables

  • Case The participant for whom the observation took place

  • Phase The level of the observation ("Choice" vs. "No Choice")

  • Session The observation session # for each participant

  • outcome The summary PIR measurement for the observation session

  • active_length The length of the active observation interval, in seconds

  • rest_length The length of the recording interval, in seconds

  • intervals The total number of intervals in the observation session

A data frame with 53940 rows and 10 variables


Moes, D. R. (1998). Integrating choice-making opportunities within teacher-assigned academic tasks to facilitate the performance of children with autism. Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities, 23 (4), 319-328.

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