Man pages for AzureGraph
Simple Interface to 'Microsoft Graph'

az_appRegistered app in Azure Active Directory
az_deviceDevice in Azure Active Directory
az_directory_roleDirectory role
az_groupGroup in Azure Active Directory
az_objectAzure Active Directory object
az_service_principalService principal in Azure Active Directory
az_userUser in Azure Active Directory
call_batch_endpointCall the Graph API batch endpoint
call_graphCall the Microsoft Graph REST API
extract_list_valuesGet the list of values from a Graph pager object
find_class_generatorFind the R6 class for a Graph object
formatFormat a Microsoft Graph or Azure object
graph_loginLogin to Azure Active Directory Graph
graph_requestMicrosoft Graph request
infoInformational functions
ms_graphMicrosoft Graph
ms_graph_pagerPager object for Graph list results
ms_objectMicrosoft Graph object
register_graph_classExtensible registry of Microsoft Graph classes that...
utilsMiscellaneous utility functions
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