az_device: Device in Azure Active Directory

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Device in Azure Active Directory


Class representing a registered device.


An R6 object of class az_device, inheriting from az_object.


  • token: The token used to authenticate with the Graph host.

  • tenant: The Azure Active Directory tenant for this group.

  • type: always "device" for a device object.

  • properties: The device properties.


  • new(...): Initialize a new device object. Do not call this directly; see 'Initialization' below.

  • delete(confirm=TRUE): Delete a device. By default, ask for confirmation first.

  • update(...): Update the device information in Azure Active Directory.

  • do_operation(...): Carry out an arbitrary operation on the device.

  • sync_fields(): Synchronise the R object with the app data in Azure Active Directory.


Create objects of this class via the list_registered_devices() and list_owned_devices() methods of the az_user class.

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