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Extensible registry of Microsoft Graph classes that AzureGraph supports


Extensible registry of Microsoft Graph classes that AzureGraph supports


register_graph_class(name, R6_generator, check_function)



The name of the Graph class, eg "user", "servicePrincipal", etc.


An R6 class generator corresponding to this Graph class.


A boolean function that checks if a list of properties is for an object of this class.


As written, AzureGraph knows about a subset of all the object classes contained in Microsoft Graph. These are mostly the classes originating from Azure Active Directory: users, groups, app registrations, service principals and registered devices.

You can extend AzureGraph by writing your own R6 class that inherits from ms_object. If so, you should also register your class by calling register_graph_class and providing the generator object, along with a check function. The latter should accept a list of object properties (as obtained from the Graph REST API), and return TRUE/FALSE based on whether the object is of your class.


An invisible vector of registered class names.


## Not run: 

# built-in 'az_user' class, for an AAD user object
register_graph_class("user", az_user,
   function(props) !is.null(props$userPrincipalName))

## End(Not run)

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