az_role_assignment: Azure role assignment class

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Azure role assignment class


Azure role assignment class


An R6 object of class az_role_assignment.


  • id: The full resource ID for this role assignment.

  • type: The resource type for a role assignment. Always Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments.

  • name: A GUID that identifies this role assignment.

  • role_name: The role definition name (in text), eg "Contributor".

  • properties: Properties for the role definition.

  • token: An OAuth token, obtained via get_azure_token.


  • remove(confirm=TRUE): Removes this role assignment.


The recommended way to create new instances of this class is via the add_role_assignment and get_role_assignment methods for subscription, resource group and resource objects.

Technically role assignments and role definitions are Azure resources, and could be implemented as subclasses of az_resource. AzureRMR treats them as distinct, due to limited RBAC functionality currently supported.

See Also

add_role_assignment, get_role_assignment, get_role_definition, az_role_definition

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