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Management locks


Create, retrieve and delete locks. These are methods for the az_subscription, az_resource_group and az_resource classes.


create_lock(name, level = c("cannotdelete", "readonly"), notes = "")





  • name: The name of a lock.

  • level: The level of protection that the lock provides.

  • notes: An optional character string to describe the lock.


Management locks in Resource Manager can be assigned at the subscription, resource group, or resource level. They serve to protect a resource against unwanted changes. A lock can either protect against deletion (level="cannotdelete") or against modification of any kind (level="readonly").

Locks assigned at parent scopes also apply to lower ones, recursively. The most restrictive lock in the inheritance takes precedence. To modify/delete a resource, any existing locks for its subscription and resource group must also be removed.

Note if you logged in via a custom service principal, it must have "Owner" or "User Access Administrator" access to manage locks.


The create_lock and get_lock methods return a lock object, which is itself an Azure resource. The list_locks method returns a list of such objects. The delete_lock method returns NULL on a successful delete.

The get_role_definition method returns an object of class az_role_definition. This is a plain-old-data R6 class (no methods), which can be used as input for creating role assignments (see the examples below).

The list_role_definitions method returns a list of az_role_definition if the as_data_frame argument is FALSE. If this is TRUE, it instead returns a data frame containing the most broadly useful fields for each role definition: the definition ID and role name.

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## Not run: 

az <- get_azure_login("myaadtenant")
sub <- az$get_subscription("subscription_id")
rg <- sub$get_resource_group("rgname")
res <- rg$get_resource(type="provider_type", name="resname")

sub$create_lock("lock1", "cannotdelete")
rg$create_lock("lock2", "cannotdelete")

# error! resource is locked

# subscription level

# now it works

## End(Not run)

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