BNPdensity: Ferguson-Klass Type Algorithm for Posterior Normalized Random Measures

Bayesian nonparametric density estimation modeling mixtures by a Ferguson-Klass type algorithm for posterior normalized random measures.

AuthorErnesto Barrios [aut, cre], Antonio Lijoi [aut], Luis E. Nieto-Barajas [aut], Igor PrĂ¼nster [aut], Guillaume Kon Kam King [ctb]
Date of publication2017-03-02 21:06:54
MaintainerErnesto Barrios <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

acidity: Acidity Index Dataset

BNPdensity-package: Bayesian nonparametric density estimation

cens_data_check: Censoring data check

censor_code_rl: Censor code right-left

comp1: Ties function: univariate

comp2: Ties function: bivariate

cpo: Conditional predictive ordinate function

dhalfcauchy: Density half Cauchy

dhalfnorm: Density half normal

dhalft: Density half Student-t

dk: Kernel density function

dkcens2: Density of the chosen kernel

dkcens2_1val: Density evaluation once

dt_: Non-standard student-t densit

dtnorm: Density truncated normal

enzyme: Enzyme Dataset

Enzyme1.out: Fit of MixNRMI1 function to the enzyme dataset

Enzyme2.out: Fit of MixNRMI2 function to the enzyme dataset

fcondXA: Conditional density evaluation in the semiparametric model

fcondXA2: Conditional density evaluation in the fully nonparametric...

fcondXA2cens2: Conditional density evaluation in the fully nonparametric...

fcondYXA: Conditional posterior distribution of the latents Y

fcondYXAcens2: Conditional posterior distribution of the latents Y in the...

fcondYZXA: Conditional posterior distribution of the bivariate latents...

fcondYZXAcens2: Conditional posterior distribution of the bivariate latents...

galaxy: Galaxy Data Set

Galaxy1.out: Fit of MixNRMI1 function to the galaxy dataset

Galaxy2.out: Fit of MixNRMI2 function to the galaxy dataset

gs3: Conditional posterior distribution of latent U

gs4: Resampling Ystar function

gs4cens2: Resampling Ystar function in the case of censoring

gs5: Conditional posterior distribution of sigma

gs5cens2: Conditional posterior distribution of sigma in the case of...

gsHP: Updates the hyper-parameters of py0

gsYZstar: Jointly resampling Ystar and Zstar function

gsYZstarcens2: Jointly resampling Ystar and Zstar function in the case of...

MixNRMI1: Normalized Random Measures Mixture of Type I

MixNRMI1cens: Normalized Random Measures Mixture of Type I for censored...

MixNRMI2: Normalized Random Measures Mixture of Type II

MixNRMI2cens: Normalized Random Measures Mixture of Type II for censored...

Mv: Continuous Jump heights function

MvInv: Inversed jump heights function

p0: Centering function

phalfcauchy: Distribution function half Cauchy

phalfnorm: Distribution function half Normal

phalft: Distribution function half Student-t

pk: Kernel distribution function

pt_: Distribution function non-standard student-t

ptnorm: Distribution function truncated normal

qgeneric: Generic function to find quantiles of a distribution

qhalfcauchy: Quantile function half Cauchy

qhalfnorm: Quantile function half Normal

qhalft: Quantile function half Student-t

qt_: Quantile function non-standard Student-t

qtnorm: Quantile function truncated normal

rfystar: Conditional posterior distribution of the distict Ystar

rfystarcens2: Conditional posterior distribution of the distict Ystar in...

rfyzstar: Conditional posterior distribution of the distict vectors...

rfyzstarcens2: Conditional posterior distribution of the distict vectors...

rhalfcauchy: Random number generator half Cauchy

rhalfnorm: Random number generator half Normal

rhalft: Random number generator half Student-t

rk: Kernel density sampling function

rt_: Random number generator non-standard Student-t

rtnorm: Random number generator truncated normal

salinity: Salinity tolerance


acidity Man page
BNPdensity Man page
BNPdensity-package Man page
cens_data_check Man page
censor_code_rl Man page
comp1 Man page
comp2 Man page
cpo Man page
dhalfcauchy Man page
dhalfnorm Man page
dhalft Man page
dk Man page
dkcens2 Man page
dkcens2_1val Man page
dt_ Man page
dtnorm Man page
enzyme Man page
Enzyme1.out Man page
Enzyme2.out Man page
fcondXA Man page
fcondXA2 Man page
fcondXA2cens2 Man page
fcondYXA Man page
fcondYXAcens2 Man page
fcondYZXA Man page
fcondYZXAcens2 Man page
fystar Man page
galaxy Man page
Galaxy1.out Man page
Galaxy2.out Man page
gs3 Man page
gs4 Man page
gs4cens2 Man page
gs5 Man page
gs5cens2 Man page
gsHP Man page
gsYZstar Man page
gsYZstarcens2 Man page
MixNRMI1 Man page
MixNRMI1cens Man page
MixNRMI2 Man page
MixNRMI2cens Man page
Mv Man page
MvInv Man page
p0 Man page
phalfcauchy Man page
phalfnorm Man page
phalft Man page
pk Man page
pt_ Man page
ptnorm Man page
qgeneric Man page
qhalfcauchy Man page
qhalfnorm Man page
qhalft Man page
qt_ Man page
qtnorm Man page
rfystarcens2 Man page
rfyzstar Man page
rfyzstarcens2 Man page
rhalfcauchy Man page
rhalfnorm Man page
rhalft Man page
rk Man page
rt_ Man page
rtnorm Man page
salinity Man page


BNPdensity/R/gs4.R BNPdensity/R/rk.R BNPdensity/R/comp2.R BNPdensity/R/rhalft.R BNPdensity/R/rhalfnorm.R BNPdensity/R/dhalft.R BNPdensity/R/dkcens2.R BNPdensity/R/MixNRMI1cens.R BNPdensity/R/gs5cens2.R BNPdensity/R/dhalfcauchy.R BNPdensity/R/dk.R BNPdensity/R/dkcens2_1val.R BNPdensity/R/fcondXA2cens2.R BNPdensity/R/gs4cens2.R BNPdensity/R/fcondYXAcens2.R BNPdensity/R/dhalfnorm.R BNPdensity/R/gsYZstar.R BNPdensity/R/qtnorm.R BNPdensity/R/MixNRMI1.R BNPdensity/R/gsHP.R BNPdensity/R/fcondXA.R BNPdensity/R/fcondYXA.R BNPdensity/R/rfyzstarcens2.R BNPdensity/R/qt_.R BNPdensity/R/phalft.R BNPdensity/R/p0.R BNPdensity/R/Mv.R BNPdensity/R/pt_.R BNPdensity/R/fcondXA2.R BNPdensity/R/rtnorm.R BNPdensity/R/cpo.R BNPdensity/R/dt_.R BNPdensity/R/qgeneric.R BNPdensity/R/gs5.R BNPdensity/R/fcondYZXAcens2.R BNPdensity/R/rfystar.R BNPdensity/R/pk.R BNPdensity/R/qhalfcauchy.R BNPdensity/R/rfystarcens2.R BNPdensity/R/gsYZstarcens2.R BNPdensity/R/cens_data_check.R BNPdensity/R/qhalfnorm.R BNPdensity/R/ptnorm.R BNPdensity/R/gs3.R BNPdensity/R/rt_.R BNPdensity/R/fcondYZXA.R BNPdensity/R/MixNRMI2cens.R BNPdensity/R/comp1.R BNPdensity/R/rhalfcauchy.R BNPdensity/R/phalfcauchy.R BNPdensity/R/qhalft.R BNPdensity/R/dtnorm.R BNPdensity/R/MixNRMI2.R BNPdensity/R/phalfnorm.R BNPdensity/R/censor_code_rl.R BNPdensity/R/rfyzstar.R BNPdensity/R/MvInv.R
BNPdensity/man/phalfnorm.Rd BNPdensity/man/acidity.Rd BNPdensity/man/gsYZstar.Rd BNPdensity/man/fcondYXA.Rd BNPdensity/man/pt_.Rd BNPdensity/man/gs5cens2.Rd BNPdensity/man/rhalft.Rd BNPdensity/man/comp2.Rd BNPdensity/man/dhalft.Rd BNPdensity/man/cpo.Rd BNPdensity/man/qhalft.Rd BNPdensity/man/rhalfnorm.Rd BNPdensity/man/rk.Rd BNPdensity/man/MixNRMI2cens.Rd BNPdensity/man/Enzyme1.out.Rd BNPdensity/man/salinity.Rd BNPdensity/man/dkcens2_1val.Rd BNPdensity/man/rhalfcauchy.Rd BNPdensity/man/censor_code_rl.Rd BNPdensity/man/p0.Rd BNPdensity/man/dtnorm.Rd BNPdensity/man/galaxy.Rd BNPdensity/man/BNPdensity-package.Rd BNPdensity/man/rfyzstar.Rd BNPdensity/man/Galaxy1.out.Rd BNPdensity/man/rt_.Rd BNPdensity/man/dt_.Rd BNPdensity/man/fcondYXAcens2.Rd BNPdensity/man/gs5.Rd BNPdensity/man/MixNRMI1.Rd BNPdensity/man/MixNRMI2.Rd BNPdensity/man/rfystar.Rd BNPdensity/man/dk.Rd BNPdensity/man/comp1.Rd BNPdensity/man/qhalfcauchy.Rd BNPdensity/man/phalfcauchy.Rd BNPdensity/man/gs3.Rd BNPdensity/man/MixNRMI1cens.Rd BNPdensity/man/fcondYZXAcens2.Rd BNPdensity/man/rfystarcens2.Rd BNPdensity/man/rtnorm.Rd BNPdensity/man/gsYZstarcens2.Rd BNPdensity/man/ptnorm.Rd BNPdensity/man/gs4cens2.Rd BNPdensity/man/Galaxy2.out.Rd BNPdensity/man/rfyzstarcens2.Rd BNPdensity/man/dkcens2.Rd BNPdensity/man/gsHP.Rd BNPdensity/man/fcondYZXA.Rd BNPdensity/man/qhalfnorm.Rd BNPdensity/man/dhalfcauchy.Rd BNPdensity/man/pk.Rd BNPdensity/man/MvInv.Rd BNPdensity/man/cens_data_check.Rd BNPdensity/man/fcondXA2cens2.Rd BNPdensity/man/fcondXA2.Rd BNPdensity/man/Enzyme2.out.Rd BNPdensity/man/enzyme.Rd BNPdensity/man/qt_.Rd BNPdensity/man/fcondXA.Rd BNPdensity/man/qtnorm.Rd BNPdensity/man/gs4.Rd BNPdensity/man/phalft.Rd BNPdensity/man/qgeneric.Rd BNPdensity/man/Mv.Rd BNPdensity/man/dhalfnorm.Rd

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