Man pages for BayesDA
Functions and Datasets for the book "Bayesian Data Analysis"

contingencyContingency Table from a sample Survey
cowData from an Experiment with Treatment Assignment Based on...
dilutionSerial Dilution Assay
fabricNumbers of Faults Found in Each of 32 Rolls of Fabric
factorialData From a Chemical Experiment
fatalitiesWorldwide Airline Fatalities, 1976-1985
footballFootball Point Spreads and Game Outcomes
golfNumber of Attempts and Successes at Golf Putts
lightSimon Newcomb's Measurements for the Speed of Light
metaResults of 22 Clinical Trials of beta-Blockers
newyorkPopulation of Municipalities in New York
personalityPersonality Data From an Experiment in Psychology
phonesCBS Telephone Survey
ratsTumor Incidence in Historical Control Groups and Current...
schizData on Response Times for Scizophrenics and...
stratifiedResults of CBS News Survey of 1447 Adults in the United...
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