Man pages for BayesX
R Utilities Accompanying the Software Package BayesX

add.neighborAdd Neighborhood Relations
BayesX-packageR Utilities Accompanying the Software Package BayesX
bnd2graConvert Boundary Format to Graph Format
createxymapCreate map objects for some points and a given distance
delete.neighborDelete Neighborhood Relations
drawmapDrawing Geographical Information
extractSamplesExtract MCMC samples from a BayesX results directory
fuseCombine Regions
get.centroidsCompute Centroids of Polygons
get.neighborObtain Neighbors of Given Regions
getNumbersExtract numbers from (BayesX log file) strings
hpdComputing Highest Posterior Density (HPD) Intervals
nbAndGraConversionConvert nb and gra format into each other
plotautocorComputing and Plotting Autocorrelation Functions
plotnonpPlotting Nonparametric Function Estimates
plotsamplePlotting Sampling Paths
plotsurfVisualise Surface Estimates
read.bndRead Geographical Information in Boundary Format
read.graRead Geographical Information in Graph Format
ringDirxyCompute direction of points in a polygon.
round.bndRound Boundary Information
shp2bndconvert a shape-file into a boundary object
spAndBndConversionConvert sp and bnd format into each other
write.bndSaving Maps in Boundary Format
write.graSaving Maps in Graph Format
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