checkBayesianSetup: Checks if an object is of class 'BayesianSetup'

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Checks if an object is of class 'BayesianSetup'


Function used to assure that an object is of class 'BayesianSetup'. If you pass a function, it is coverted to an object of class 'BayesianSetup' (using createBayesianSetup) before it is returned.


checkBayesianSetup(bayesianSetup, parallel = F)



either object of class bayesianSetup or a log posterior function


if bayesianSetup is a function, this will set the parallelization option for the class BayesianSetup that is created internally. If bayesianSetup is already a BayesianSetup, then this will check if parallel = T is requested but not supported by the BayesianSetup. This option is for internal use in the samplers


The recommended option to use this function in the samplers is to have parallel with default NULL in the samplers, so that checkBayesianSetup with a function will create a bayesianSetup without parallelization, while it will do nothing with an existing BayesianSetup. If the user sets parallelization, it will set the approriate parallelization for a function, and check in case of an existing BayesianSetup. The checkBayesianSetup call in the samplers should then be followed by a check for parallel = NULL in sampler, in which case paralell can be set from the BayesianSetup


Florian Hartig

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