Man pages for BaylorEdPsych
R Package for Baylor University Educational Psychology Quantitative Courses

BaylorEdPsychBaylor Educational Psychology Quantitative Courses R...
BaylorEdPsych-packageR functions/data for Baylor Ed Psych Department's...
BilogDataCreate Fixed Width Data File for use with BILOG-MG
CohensD.rawDataCalculate's Cohen's d
CohensD.unpairedTCohen's d from an unpaired (indepednet samples) t-test
EndersTable1_1Data from Table 1.1 (p. 3) of Enders (2011) _Applied Missing...
EtaSq(Partial) Eta Squared
HedgesG.rawDataHedges' g from raw data
LittleMCARLittle's missing completely at random (MCAR) test
MLBOffense20112011 Major League Baseball offensive data
MLBPitching20112011 Major League Baseball pitching data
PseudoR2Pseudo-R2 Statistics
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