#' Summarises the output created by \code{\link{climate_histories}}
#' Produces estimated climate values for a chosen climate dimension for each of the values supplied to the \code{time_grid} argument to \code{\link{climate_histories}}. For examples why not see the wonderful Bclim vignette (available at https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/Bclim/index.html) and the author's personal webpage (https://maths.ucd.ie/parnell)?
#' @param object An object of class \code{climate_histories} produced by the function \code{\link{climate_histories}}
#' @param dim The chosen climate dimension. This could be GDD5 (dim=1), MTCO (dim=2) or AET/PET (dim=3)
#' @param probs The chosen values at which to compute time-wise quantiles. The default is a 90\% interval, i.e. from 5\% to 95\%
#' @param ... Not used
#' @details The output is a table of time-wise confidence/credibility intervals for the climate histories at each time point given on the time grid for the specified climate dimension. The results can be saved in an object if required.
#' @return A data frame with the following columns:
#' \itemize{
#' \item{time_grid }{The provided time grid points}
#' \item{quantiles }{The quantiles of the climate variable for the specified probabilities}
#' }
#' Note that this object is reported silently so will be discarded unless the function is called with an object as in the vignette.

#' @seealso See \code{\link{climate_histories}} for creating objects suitable for this function
#' @export
summary.climate_histories = function(object,dim=1,probs=c(0.05,0.95),...) {

# Output the climate histories for time grid point

out = apply(object$histories[,,dim],2,'quantile',prob=probs)
df = data.frame('time_grid'=object$time_grid,t(out))



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