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The BifactorIndicesCalculator package provides functions use to compute indices described in Rodriguez et al. (2016) for confirmatory or exploratory models.

BifactorIndicesCalculator functions

The BifactorIndicesCalculator package includes helper functions that can compute the various indices from Rodriguez et al. (2016) for fitted lavaan or mirt objects using bifactorIndices and Mplus output files using bifactorIndicesMplus. For users of other software and those interested, a matrix of standardized factor loadings can also be input to bifactorIndices.

Calculation of bifactor indices for exploratory bifactor models can also be accomplished using bifactorIndices_expl for exploratory models fit using psych or using bifactorIndicesMplus_expl for exploratory models fit using Mplus. For ESEM models fit using Mplus, please use bifactorIndicesMplus_ESEM


Rodriguez, A., Reise, S. P., & Haviland, M. G. (2016). Evaluating bifactor models: calculating and interpreting statistical indices. Psychological Methods, 21(2), 137.

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