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getLambda computes or extracts a matrix of factor loadings given some input. Methods exist to support an input of a dataframe, an mplus.model from MplusAutomation, a SingleGroupClass object from mirt, and a lavaan object from lavaan. Please do not use a tibble, as they do not support row names, and it is best if your items are given names.


getLambda(x, standardized = TRUE)



an object to be converted into a factor loading matrix, or an object containing a fitted model from which a factor loading matrix will be extracted. Supported classes are data.frame, matrix, mplus.model, lavaan, and SingleGroupClass.


can be used to specify whether a standardized or unstandardized factor loading matrix should be returned. Only relevant for lavaan and mplus.model input. The standardized matrix for mplus.model is taken from stdyx results.


A matrix of factor loadings

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