Man pages for Biodem
Biodemography Functions

col.stoTurns a Migration Matrix into a Column Stochastic Matrix
FstCalculates the Fst from the conditional kinship matrix
hedrickCalculates the Hedrick standardized kinship coefficient
laskerCalculates the lasker kinship coeffcient
mal.condCalculates a Conditional Kinship matrix
mal.eqCalculates the asymptotic generation for the Malecot model
mal.phiCalculates a kinship matrix using the Malecot Migration Model
mar.isoObserved and Random Marital Isonymy
mtx.expCalculates the n-th power of a matrix
NEffective population vector
PColumn stochastic migration matrix
raw.migA raw migration data
rel.condCalculates a conditional kinship matrix from isonymy data
rel.phiCalculates an 'a priori' kinship matrix from isonymy data
r.pairsObserved and Random Repeated Pairs Coefficients
rriCalculates an unbiased estimate of Regional Random Isonymy
SSystematic pressure matrix
sur.freqCalculates surnames frequency tables
sur.inbrTotal, Random and Non-random Inbreeding Coefficients
surnamesSurname frequency table
sym.PCalculate the symmetric column stochastic matrix
uriCalculates the Unbiased Random Isonymy matrix
valleyRaw marriage data
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