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Transition rates are computed from transitions and exposures.Useful graphics and life-course indicators are computed. The package structures the data for multistate statistical and demographic modeling of life histories.

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AuthorFrans Willekens
Date of publication2016-03-31 17:50:43
MaintainerFrans Willekens <>

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Man pages

age_as_Date: Converts a vector of ages to object of class 'Date'.

age_as_year: Converts a vector of ages to decimal year (calendar year and...

AgeTrans: Ages at transition

Biograph.Lexis: Converts Biograph object to Lexis object of class "Lexis"

Biograph.long: Converts Biograph object to long format

Biograph.msm: Biograph to msm format

Biograph.mstate: Converts Biograph object to mstate object of class "msdata"

Biograph.mvna: Converts Biograph object to input data for mvna package

Biograph-package: Explore life histories (biographies, lifepaths)

ChangeObservationWindow.e: Changes observation window to period between two transitions

ChangeObservationWindow.t: Changes observation window to period between two points in...

check.par: Checks major characteristics of Biograph object

cmc_as_age: Converts date in Century Month Code (CMC) to age.

cmc_as_Date: Converts a vector of dates in Century Month Code (CMC) to...

cmc_as_year: Converts date in Century Month Code (CMC) to date in calendar...

Cumrates: Estimates cumulative transition rates

Date_as_age: Converts a vector of dates (class 'Date') to ages.

Date_as_cmc: Converts a vector of dates (class 'Date') to Century Month...

Date_as_year: Converts a vector of dates (class 'Date') to decimal year...

date_b: Converts dates in a Biograph object to dates in another...

date_convert: Converts vector of dates from one format to another


GLHS.IllnessDeath: Illness-death model for job transitions

GLHS.trans: Transition matrix of illness-death model (tmat)

Lexis.lines: Draws Lexis diagram with lifelines for selected subjects

Lexislines.episodes: Draws Lexis diagram with lifelines for selected subjects

LexisOccExp: Displays occurrences, exposures and transition rates in a...

Lexispoints: Plot event dates and ages in Lexis diagram

Lexis.points: Plots ages and calendar years at transitions in Lexis diagram

locpath: Determines location of state sequence in Biograph object

MSLT: Multistate life table: survival function and exposure...

NLOG98: NLOG98 Netherlands Family and Fertility Survey 1998

Occup: State occupancies and sojourn times

OverviewEpisodes: Overview of episodes

OverviewTransitions: Overview of transitions

Parameters: Life history parameters from data

plot.cumrates: Plots cumulative transition rates

plot.MSLT.S: Plots survival function.

plot.occup.S: Plots state occupancies

pos.char: Position of a given character in a string variable (first...

pos.charstr: Position of a character string in a string variable Estimates occurrence-exposure rates

RateTable: Table for rate calculation

Remove.intrastate: Removes intrastate transitions from Biograph object

rrdat: The Blossfeld-Rohwer subsample of the German Life History...

SamplePath: Obtains samplepath for selected subjects

Sequences: Lists state sequences in the data

Sequences.ind: Individual state trajectories

Sequences.ind.0: Sorts dates in ascending order and generates state sequence...

state_age: Determines for given individuals state occupied at given ages

StateSpace: Get state space

state_time: Determines individual state occupation times

string.blank.omit: Removes blanks in character string, including the leading and...

stringf: Converts character string to vector

Trans: Transitions by age

TransitionAB: Occurrences of selected transition by age

transitions: Generate flow table

year_as_age: Converts decinal years to age.

year_as_cmc: Converts decinal years to cmc.

year_as_Date: Converts a vector of dates in decimal years (calendar years...

YearTrans: Converts dates at transition to years at transition


age_as_Date Man page
age_as_year Man page
AgeTrans Man page
Biograph Man page
Biograph.Lexis Man page
Biograph.long Man page
Biograph.msm Man page
Biograph.mstate Man page
Biograph.mvna Man page
Biograph-package Man page
ChangeObservationWindow.e Man page
ChangeObservationWindow.t Man page
check.par Man page
cmc_as_age Man page
cmc_as_Date Man page
cmc_as_year Man page
Cumrates Man page
Date_as_age Man page
Date_as_cmc Man page
Date_as_year Man page
date_b Man page
date_convert Man page
GLHS Man page
GLHS.IllnessDeath Man page
GLHS.trans Man page
Lexislines Man page
Lexis.lines Man page
Lexislines.episodes Man page
LexisOccExp Man page
Lexispoints Man page
Lexis.points Man page
locpath Man page
MSLT Man page
MSLT.e Man page
MSLT.S Man page
NLOG98 Man page
Occup Man page
OverviewEpisodes Man page
OverviewTransitions Man page
Parameters Man page
plot.cumrates Man page
plot.MSLT.S Man page
plot.occup.S Man page
pos.char Man page
pos.charstr Man page Man page
Ratetable Man page
RateTable Man page
Remove.intrastate Man page
rrdat Man page
SamplePath Man page
Sequences Man page
Sequences.ind Man page
Sequences.ind.0 Man page
state_age Man page
StateSpace Man page
state_time Man page
string.blank.omit Man page
stringf Man page
Trans Man page
TransitionAB Man page
transitions Man page
year_as_age Man page
year_as_cmc Man page
year_as_Date Man page
YearTrans Man page


inst/Doc/create_simul.R inst/Doc/demos_GLHS.R
inst/Doc/create_GLHS.R inst/Doc/demos_dates.R
inst/Doc/create_SHARElife.R inst/Doc/create_ebmt.R
inst/Doc/demos_NLOG98.R inst/Doc/create_Simple1a.R
inst/Doc/create_NLOG98.R inst/Doc/create_Simple1b.R
R/LexisOccExp.R R/cmc_as_year.R R/Sequences.ind.R R/ChangeObservationWindow.e.R R/Biograph.mvna.R R/OverviewEpisodes.R R/GLHS.IllnessDeath.R R/MSLT.e.R R/year_as_age.R R/Remove.intrastate.R R/OverviewTransitions.R R/Parameters.R R/Lexispoints.R R/date_b.R R/Date_as_year.R R/year_as_Date.R R/locpath.R R/state_age.R R/Cumrates.R R/check.par.R R/age_as_Date.R R/pos.char.R R/plot.cumrates.R R/Biograph.Lexis.R R/string.blank.omit.R R/ R/Occup.R R/age_as_year.R R/Lexis.lines.R R/YearTrans.R R/Biograph.mstate.R R/date_convert.R R/cmc_as_Date.R R/MSLT.S.R R/transitions.R R/TransitionAB.R R/Date_as_cmc.R R/Biograph.long.R R/StateSpace.R R/Date_as_age.R R/GLHS.trans.R R/state_time.R R/stringf.R R/Lexislines.episodes.R R/Sequences.R R/plot.MSLT.S.R R/Trans.R R/ChangeObservationWindow.t.R R/cmc_as_age.R R/Lexis.points.R R/RateTable.R R/Biograph.msm.R R/Sequences.ind.0.R R/year_as_cmc.R R/pos.charstr.R R/plot.occup.S.R R/AgeTrans.R R/SamplePath.R
man/Lexis.lines.Rd man/Sequences.ind.Rd man/RateTable.Rd man/TransitionAB.Rd man/Sequences.ind.0.Rd man/Lexis.points.Rd man/SamplePath.Rd man/transitions.Rd man/check.par.Rd man/Cumrates.Rd man/Biograph.Lexis.Rd man/date_convert.Rd man/MSLT.Rd man/OverviewEpisodes.Rd man/GLHS.trans.Rd man/Biograph.msm.Rd man/Biograph-package.Rd man/pos.charstr.Rd man/YearTrans.Rd man/cmc_as_year.Rd man/Biograph.long.Rd man/Date_as_age.Rd man/age_as_year.Rd man/date_b.Rd man/pos.char.Rd man/ man/year_as_age.Rd man/Occup.Rd man/cmc_as_age.Rd man/Biograph.mstate.Rd man/plot.occup.S.Rd man/Date_as_year.Rd man/Parameters.Rd man/Date_as_cmc.Rd man/stringf.Rd man/Lexispoints.Rd man/GLHS.Rd man/Remove.intrastate.Rd man/Biograph.mvna.Rd man/ChangeObservationWindow.e.Rd man/GLHS.IllnessDeath.Rd man/NLOG98.Rd man/AgeTrans.Rd man/Lexislines.episodes.Rd man/age_as_Date.Rd man/cmc_as_Date.Rd man/year_as_Date.Rd man/plot.MSLT.S.Rd man/state_age.Rd man/year_as_cmc.Rd man/StateSpace.Rd man/state_time.Rd man/plot.cumrates.Rd man/Sequences.Rd man/string.blank.omit.Rd man/ChangeObservationWindow.t.Rd man/OverviewTransitions.Rd man/rrdat.Rd man/LexisOccExp.Rd man/locpath.Rd man/Trans.Rd
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