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age_as_DateConverts a vector of ages to object of class 'Date'.
age_as_yearConverts a vector of ages to decimal year (calendar year and...
AgeTransAges at transition
Biograph.LexisConverts Biograph object to Lexis object of class "Lexis"
Biograph.longConverts Biograph object to long format
Biograph.msmBiograph to msm format
Biograph.mstateConverts Biograph object to mstate object of class "msdata"
Biograph.mvnaConverts Biograph object to input data for mvna package
Biograph-packageExplore life histories (biographies, lifepaths)
ChangeObservationWindow.eChanges observation window to period between two transitions
ChangeObservationWindow.tChanges observation window to period between two points in...
check.parChecks major characteristics of Biograph object
cmc_as_ageConverts date in Century Month Code (CMC) to age.
cmc_as_DateConverts a vector of dates in Century Month Code (CMC) to...
cmc_as_yearConverts date in Century Month Code (CMC) to date in calendar...
CumratesEstimates cumulative transition rates
Date_as_ageConverts a vector of dates (class 'Date') to ages.
Date_as_cmcConverts a vector of dates (class 'Date') to Century Month...
Date_as_yearConverts a vector of dates (class 'Date') to decimal year...
date_bConverts dates in a Biograph object to dates in another...
date_convertConverts vector of dates from one format to another
GLHS.IllnessDeathIllness-death model for job transitions
GLHS.transTransition matrix of illness-death model (tmat)
Lexis.linesDraws Lexis diagram with lifelines for selected subjects
Lexislines.episodesDraws Lexis diagram with lifelines for selected subjects
LexisOccExpDisplays occurrences, exposures and transition rates in a...
LexispointsPlot event dates and ages in Lexis diagram
Lexis.pointsPlots ages and calendar years at transitions in Lexis diagram
locpathDetermines location of state sequence in Biograph object
MSLTMultistate life table: survival function and exposure...
NLOG98NLOG98 Netherlands Family and Fertility Survey 1998
OccupState occupancies and sojourn times
OverviewEpisodesOverview of episodes
OverviewTransitionsOverview of transitions
ParametersLife history parameters from data
plot.cumratesPlots cumulative transition rates
plot.MSLT.SPlots survival function.
plot.occup.SPlots state occupancies
pos.charPosition of a given character in a string variable (first...
pos.charstrPosition of a character string in a string variable
Rates.acEstimates occurrence-exposure rates
RateTableTable for rate calculation
Remove.intrastateRemoves intrastate transitions from Biograph object
rrdatThe Blossfeld-Rohwer subsample of the German Life History...
SamplePathObtains samplepath for selected subjects
SequencesLists state sequences in the data
Sequences.indIndividual state trajectories
Sequences.ind.0Sorts dates in ascending order and generates state sequence...
state_ageDetermines for given individuals state occupied at given ages
StateSpaceGet state space
state_timeDetermines individual state occupation times
string.blank.omitRemoves blanks in character string, including the leading and...
stringfConverts character string to vector
TransTransitions by age
TransitionABOccurrences of selected transition by age
transitionsGenerate flow table
year_as_ageConverts decinal years to age.
year_as_cmcConverts decinal years to cmc.
year_as_DateConverts a vector of dates in decimal years (calendar years...
YearTransConverts dates at transition to years at transition
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