Man pages for BoomSpikeSlab
MCMC for Spike and Slab Regression

independent.spike.slab.priorA spike and slab prior assuming a priori independence.
independent.student.spike.slab.priorSpike and Slab Prior for Regressions with Student T Errors
lm.spikeSpike and slab regression
logit.spikeSpike and slab logistic regression
logit.zellner.priorZellner Prior for Logistic Regression
mlm.spikeSpike and slab multinomial logistic regression
mlm.spike.slab.priorCreate a spike and slab prior for use with mlm.spike.
model.matrix.glm.spikeConstruct Design Matrices
nested.regressionNested Regression
nnetBayesian Feed Forward Neural Networks
partial.dependence.plotPlot a Bayesian Neural Network
plot.BayesNnetPlot a Bayesian Neural Network
plot.coefficientsPlot Coefficients.
plot.lm.spikePlot the results of a spike and slab regression.
plot.lm.spike.fitPredicted vs actual plot for lm.spike.
plot.lm.spike.residualsResidual plot for lm.spike
plot.logit.spikePlot a 'logit.spike' object Logit or Probit Fit Summary
plot.logit.spike.residualsResidual plot for 'logit.spike' objects.
plot.marginal.inclusion.probabilitiesPlot marginal inclusion probabilities.
plot.model.sizePlot a distribution of model size
plot.poisson.spikePlot a 'poisson.spike' object
plot.qreg.spikePlot the results of a spike and slab regression.
poisson.spikeSpike and slab Poisson regression
poisson.zellner.priorZellner Prior for Poisson Regression
predict.lm.spikePredictions using spike-and-slab regression.
print.summary.lm.spikePrint method for spikeslab objects.
probit.spikeSpike and slab probit regression
qreg.spikeQuantile Regression
residuals.lm.spikeExtract lm.spike Residuals
shrinkage.regressionShrinking Regression Coefficients
spike.slab.glm.priorZellner Prior for Glm's.
spike.slab.priorCreate a spike and slab prior for use with lm.spike.
spike.slab.prior.baseBase class for spike and slab priors
splinesSpline Basis Expansions
student.spike.slab.priorSpike and Slab Prior for Student-T Regression
suggest.burnSuggest Burn-in
summarize_spike_slab_coefficientsNumerical summaries of coefficients from a spike and slab...
summary.lm.spikeNumerical summaries of the results from a spike and slab...
summary.logit.spikeNumerical summaries of the results from a spike and slab...
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