Man pages for Brq
Bayesian Analysis of Quantile Regression Models

BodyExploring Relationships in Body Dimensions
Brq1Bayesian Quantile Regression
Brq2Bayesian Lasso quantile regression
Brq3Bayesian adaptive Lasso quantile regression
Btqr1Bayesian tobit quantile regression
Btqr2Bayesian tobit quantile regression
Btqr3Bayesian adaptive Lasso tobit quantile regression
DICEstimate Deviance Information Criterion (DIC)
ImmunogGImmunoglobulin G Data
modelModel selection based on credible intervals
plot.BrqProduce the histogram, autocorrelation and trace plots for...
print.BrqPrint the Bayesian quantile regression methods
print.summary.BrqPrint the summary of Bayesian quantile regression methods.
ProstateProstate Cancer Data
QrbBayesian Binary Quantile Regression
QrblBayesian Lasso Binary quantile regression
salarySalaries of 459 US statistics professor data
summary.BrqSummarize the output of the 'Brq' function
USgirlWeight and age for a sample of 4011 US girl data
wheatWheat Data
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