Man pages for CGGP
Composite Grid Gaussian Processes

CGGPCGGP: A package for running sparse grid computer experiments
CGGPappendAdd points to CGGP
CGGPcreateCreate sparse grid GP
CGGPfitUpdate CGGP model given data
CGGP_internal_calcMSECalculate MSE over single dimension
CGGP_internal_calcMSEdeCalculate MSE over blocks
CGGP_internal_calcpwCalculate predictive weights for CGGP
CGGP_internal_calcpwanddpwCalculate derivative of pw
CGGP_internal_CorrMatCauchyCauchy correlation function
CGGP_internal_CorrMatCauchySQCauchySQ correlation function
CGGP_internal_CorrMatCauchySQTCauchySQT correlation function
CGGP_internal_CorrMatGaussianGaussian correlation function
CGGP_internal_CorrMatMatern32Matern 3/2 correlation function
CGGP_internal_CorrMatMatern52Matern 5/2 correlation function
CGGP_internal_CorrMatPowerExpPower exponential correlation function
CGGP_internal_gneglogpostGradient of negative log likelihood posterior
CGGP_internal_MSEpredcalcCalculate MSE prediction along a single dimension
CGGP_internal_neglogpostCalculate negative log posterior
CGGP_internal_set_corrSet correlation function of CGGP object
CGGPplotblocksCGGP block plot
CGGPplotblockselectionPlot CGGP block selection over time
CGGPplotcorrPlot correlation samples
CGGPplotheatHeatmap of SG design depth
CGGPplothistHistogram of measurements at each design depth of each input...
CGGPplotsamplesneglogpostPlot negative log posterior likelihood of samples
CGGPplotsliceCGGP slice plot
CGGPplotthetaPlot theta samples
CGGPplotvariogramPlot something similar to a semivariogram
CGGPpredS3 predict method for CGGP
CGGPvalplotPlot validation prediction errors for CGGP object
CGGPvalstatsCalculate stats for CGGP prediction on validation data
plot.CGGPS3 plot method for CGGP
print.CGGPPrint CGGP object
valplotPlot validation prediction errors
valstatsCalculate stats for prediction on validation data
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