CMPControl-package: Control Charts for Conway-Maxwell-Poisson Distribution

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The main purpose of this package is to juxtapose the different control limits obtained by modelling a data set through the COM-Poisson distribution vs. the classical Poisson distribution. Accordingly, this package offers the ability to compute the COM-Poisson parameter estimates and plot associated Shewhart and true probability bounds for a given data set.


Package: CMPControl
Type: Package
Version: 1.0
Date: 2014-04-05
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For a given data set, the user can use the ControlCharts function to overlay any combination of the 3-sigma Shewhart CMP control chart, 3-sigma Shewhart classical Poisson control chart (c-chart), and the true CMP probability limits. The function also returns a list with relevant values relating to the control charts.


Kimberly Sellers, Luis Costa

Maintainer: Luis Costa <[email protected]>


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ControlCharts(nonconformities,"Sample Number", "Number of nonconformities")

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