getRpartModel: Conversion of a CoreModel tree into a rpart.object

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getRpartModelR Documentation

Conversion of a CoreModel tree into a rpart.object


The function converts a given CoreModel model (decision or regression tree) into a rpart.object prepared for visualization with plot function.


  getRpartModel(model, dataset)



A tree model produced by CoreModel


A data set which was used in learning of the model.


The conversion creates rpart.object and copies CORElearn internal structures contained in memory controlled by dynamic link library written in C++.

An alternative visualization is accessible via function display, which outputs tree structure formatted for screen or in dot format.


Function returns a rpart.object.


Initial version by John Adeyanju Alao, improvements by Marko Robnik-Sikonja.

See Also

CoreModel, plot.CoreModel,rpart.object, display


# plot a decision tree directly
dataset <- CO2
md<-CoreModel(Plant ~ ., dataset, model="tree")
plot(md, dataset)

# or indirectly 
rpm <- getRpartModel(md, dataset)
# set angle to tan(0.5)=45 (degrees) and length of branches at least 5 
plot(rpm, branch=0.5, minbranch=5, compress=TRUE)
# pretty=0 prints full names of attributes, 
# numbers to 3 decimals, try to make a dendrogram more compact
text(rpm, pretty=0, digits=3)
destroyModels(md) # clean up

# an alternative is to use fancier rpart.plot package
# rpart.plot(rpm) # rpart.plot has many parameters controlling the output
# but it cannot plot models in tree leaves 

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